We’re moving forward in our TNT Summer Ready Challenge (April registration now open) and we’re pushing forward to increase our fitness, health, and activity levels. And as we move forward slowly but surely we have to make changes no matter how small or big in order to get the results that we want to see by the end of our challenge. We’ve been receiving many questions about

7 Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat In 7 Days

1. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day: Water is the first step on your way to a flatter slimmer waist line. My usual recommendation for water intake is based off of your weight. You should be drinking at least half of your weight in water. For me this equates to about 2 liters of water. Most of the time through out my day I get to the third liter without even realizing. A good trick to increasing your water is to drink a glass of water before you eat. This way you’ll be more motivated to drink the water especially because you are hungry and want to eat, but it will also fill you up more and make you eat less. Thus increasing weight loss, and catapulting you to a flatter belly.

2. Lower Sugar Intake: My ladies doing the 40 Day Sugar free detox are appreciating the effects that the small change is having on their bodies. By cutting out sugar you are helping to lower the fat storing process/effects that occur when your body is met with loads of refined sugars. This is not the same as when your body consumes naturally occurring sugars that are also filled with fibers (fruits & vegetables do a body good) By simply cutting out white sugars (pastas, sweets…etc) I was able to lose/drop a large amount of weight and lose my stubborn belly fat almost instantly.

3. Lower Salt Intake: You knew this one was coming too! Lowering your sugar also must be followed by lowering your salt intake. This one is a bit harder for me as I’m an avid seasoner but by lowering salty foods, and salty seasoning in our home made foods you will help lower/decrease bloating that often comes along after eating salty meals. When I cut out my sugar I had to pay close attention that I wasn’t substituting with salty foods (which I initially started to do) Remember less is more, you don’t have to cut it out completely but make sure you eat it in small moderation.

4. No eating After 8pm: This one can be hard depending on your life/work schedule but I find that not eating after 8pm plus attempting to get a good nights sleep has helped to lower my bloating associated with my stubborn belly fat. Of course if I am starving I wont just deny myself for the purposes of diet/decreasing body fat but I know better than to have a large heavy meal. Instead I have something light like nuts or popcorn (low sodium/no salt if possible). That snack usually holds me over with a glass of water in which I can go to sleep and wake up ready for breakfast. Eating late doesnt allow your body to digest properly or burn off the calories/ energy you’ve just consumed. This means this food gets stored most of the time as fat which ends up in my midsection area unfortunately. Try to eat your heaviest meal earlier so you still have time to burn it off or at least some of it.

5. Lower calorie consumption: Now I say this with caution because starving yourself or excessively calorie counting will not only drive you nuts, make you cranky, but it will also prevent you from losing weight. It is also extremely unhealthy. And the goal is to be a healthier happier version of ourselves. Instead you should just be aware of what you are putting in your mouth and how much of it you are burning off. Eating 500 calories less, or burning off 500 calories more than we normally do will help with weight loss and help to keep that stubborn belly fat away! Just be aware that women should not be eating under 1200 calories a day as that puts your body at serious risk. I try to eat between 1200- 1800 calories a day (never more than 2000 if I can help it) and burn off at least 2300 calories in various activities. I have an Upband that helps me keep track of most of this. There are so many of these bands on the market for various prices that can help you keep an active look on your activity throughout the day even when you are not aware of it yourself.

6. Cut Out Fast Food & Soda: This was the easiest and best decision I ever made. About three years ago I decided to give up soda for Lent, and ever since then I’ve been soda free! It really isn’t as difficult as you think and you truly wont miss it. Cutting out soda gives you more calories to take in for beneficial foods that will leave you feeling full and have great nutritional benefits to your health. Fast food was a bit harder especially because I love to travel and you dont find many gourmet restaurants on the sides of highways during trips. Packing ahead of time will help you a bit. But on a regular basis I have cut out fast food from my diet and decided to use my calories a bit more wisely. This has helped me stay at a weight that I am comfortable with and saved me a pretty penny as well.

7. Do 10 minutes+ of ab work a day/ Increase activity level: Every day you should try to engage your core muscles in some way for 10 minutes or more. Your ab/core muscles are stronger than you think therefore it can take a few more reps to truly start seeing definition. The best time for me to do my ab workouts is right after a bout of cardio. I drop to the floor and do a variation of different workouts. We’ve been sharing them on Instagram using hashtag #TNTSummerReady. By simply doing 10 minutes of core engagement you will start to see a major difference. You will also start to feel your abs getting stronger. During the day when I can’t drop to the floor and do an ab exercise one way to increase my activity level is to stand instead of sit. Or if I must sit, I sit straight up fully aware of my posture and pulsate my abdomen. This way I’m getting some sort of activity in even though I am stuck at work.

I hope these tips help you on your way to losing that stubborn belly fat that plagues us all! Share your results/progress or struggles with us using hashtag #TNTSummerReady on all social media platforms. We can’t wait to see your success.

If you would like join the TNT Summer Ready challenge, April registration is now open here!