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I started getting into makeup really late into my adult life, and it is surely not a cheap habit to have. With all of the beauty gurus on Youtube doing tutorials and recommendations, they always seem to leave out just how am I supposed to fund this new endeavor. There are a few that do affordable drugstore tutorials or dupe videos, but most review the latest high end releases and my wallet shutters at the thought.

While I don’t do makeup every single day, and certainly don’t have an everyday makeup look having a good selection and variety of makeup was important to me. After a few months I quickly realized that I would not be able to keep up with the Youtube Joneses, and instead started focusing on brands that fit into my budget and were still very effective. In doing so I built a makeup arsenal in my collection that is not only affordable but helps me slay consistently.

Every affordable makeup brand on this list I use, and recommend wholeheartedly. Some are a little easier to get in store than others, and some are strictly based online.


Best Affordable Makeup Brush Brands 
How To Slay Your Makeup On A Budget

affordable makeup brands

Affordable Makeup Brands For Millennials On A Budget

1. NYX CosmeticsThis was one of my absolute favorite brands when I started dabbling into makeup. Beyond just their affordable price point, NYX was available at my local drug store. Now the brand has expanded drastically and has their own stores all across the country. They have everything from lipstick to brushes and more.

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics: Similarly to NYC, I ran into E.L.F in my local drug store and surprisingly it is even more fiscally affordable than NYX. You can lipsticks, eyeliner, and highlighters for a as little as 2-4 dollars. I am not particularly a fan of the E.L.F. lipsticks because I find that they are not pigmented enough for my liking, but the highlighters and eyeliners are pretty dope as well as their plethora of makeup brushes.

3. ColourPop: This brand truly took the world by storm. What started out as solely an online brand has expanded their reach into both Sephora and Ulta. I am a giant fan of the ColourPop matte lipsticks and highlighters. My only issue with Colourpop, is although they have expanded many of their products, specifically the foundation and concealer are still only available online, which makes it difficult to color match.

4. BH Cosmetics: I haven’t actually tried any of the BH Cosmetics makeup but I have the makeup brushes and love them. They are all so cute and well constructed for smooth application. I have heard great things about about their eyeshadow palettes and they look super pigmented. Many influencers also have created palettes in conjunction with BH and they look simply stunning.

5. Wet n’ Wild: Wet n’ Wild is probably one of the most recognizable drugstore brands on the market. I’ve tried just about everything Wet n’ Wild has to offer from their brushes, makeup to nail polish and I am seldom disappointed. Wet n’ wild isn’t the absolute best quality but for the price that you pay (usually 1-5 dollars) you are getting a great bargain/deal. Their highlighters are bomb!

6. Milani: I love Milani Cosmetics and can find it easily at my local drug stores. Their matte lipsticks are absolutely stunning and so pigmented. Besides their lipsticks, their blushes are beautiful and really remind me of the NARS higher end blushes.

7. Morphe: Similar to Bh Cosmetics I haven’t had the pleasure of trying their actual makeup but their makeup brushes are absolutely amazing and not too pricey. Besides the brushes, the palettes are what Morphe are really known for, and there’s no question as to why. Their palettes are not only affordable but offer a plethora of options/choices for pigmented colors.

8. LA Girl: I am a huge fan of the LA girl concealers and if you take a quick search on Youtube you will see hate out people are. They are about 3.00 dollars and do an amazing job, very comparable to higher end concealers. LA Girl also has a pretty good dupe for the melted lipglosses that TooFaced made extremely popular. LA girl cosmetics can be found in some drug stores but you will have the best/easiest luck finding it in your local beauty supply store.

9. Black RadianceBesides catering to beautiful melanated skin, you can find this brand in your local drug stores. Their matte lipsticks are beautiful, but my favorite product in their line is their loose setting powder. You don’t have to worry about flashback with powder that was created to cater to our skin.

10. Essence: You can find essence cosmetics at Target for a ver affordable price. I’ve only dabbled in the lipgloss but they have an extensive line of lip stick, eyeshadow, and nail polish as well. So the Target run may have to include a walk down the cosmetics aisle to grab some Essence.

If you know of any other affordable makeup brands please feel free to share it with me in the comments so I can look into it.