FTC: This post is sponsored by the American Heart Association. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

During the fall, winter and spring seasons I pretty much torture myself to have that perfect summer body by June 21st. Then… once the summer comes all of my hard work and dedication unravels because I just can’t say no to BBQ food and late night ice cream runs. I try to up my workouts… but then that ends up discouraging me by day 4 because I’m tired and just want to lay out by the pool. Raise your hand if you’ve gone through the same cycle (I’ll wait)

Wonderful… and now that we’re just being all honest and open with one another… how many are tired of starting and stopping a fitness regimen/plan or work out routine. Most specifically how many of us are tired of crash diets, green drinks, detox teas, or whatever else is trending on social media?

Okay okay… we can put our hands down. Can I tell you why? Because… it is not realistic, manageable or maintainable to detox, and cleanse, and eat clean, and work out, and stay motivated 24/7. This causes a constant yo-yo effect which makes the up hill climb to actual healthiness even harder. So we’re going to stop that.

We’re all guilty of doing it (myself included). We started a challenge for Trials N’ Tresses two years ago (TNT Summer Ready Challenge) and the first year we LOVED it. We felt that it helped so many people and it was more than just a fly by night fitness internet challenge. We researched, we surveyed, we teamed up with professionals and offered a real opportunity for people to turn their lives around. By the second year it got a little harder to do so. So this year… we didn’t do it. We wanted to actually help people become healthy and fit instead of just losing weight. That is why we’re discussing how to keep your summer body the whole summer… and for the rest of your year by taking part in the #GoRedGetFit campaign.

This Go Red For Women campaign comes in partnership between the American Heart Association and Macys. So let’s shoot our sho… let’s go for the stars right. Let’s really discuss how to keep your summer body for the rest of your life.

How To Keep Your Summer Body The Whole Summer

1. Know Your Why & Stick To It: Why do you want to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle? No one wants to be unhealthy and we surely don’t want to live an unhealthy lifestyle. That is just not something I feel anyone every aspires to. We want to live our best lives. But sometimes wanting to just be healthy isn’t enough. You need to have a purpose. You need to have a particular goal that keeps you on track when you want to give up. My “why” is my PCOS. Because I have PCOS I know that staying in shape is a crucial part for helping to balance my hormones and properly ovulate/menstruate on a monthly basis. When I am set to have children in the near future, my health is still going to be a key concern.

So because my PCOS is my “why” I know I have to stick to a healthy regimen. So that should be your first step. Pick a crucial “why” in your life that you know you don’t want to let down. Once you have that… you’re ready for step two to keeping your summer body the whole summer.


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2. Focus on Health Not Size: Often times when we start a healthy fitness program we want to see results over night. That is not only impractical but it also leads to a serious and dangerous belief that crash diets with rapid weight loss are they key to health. That is absolutely wrong! Healthy looks different on everyone. What works for one person may not work for others. So that is why it is important to focus on your health instead of getting down to a specific dress size.

Incorporating healthy work out habits on a constant and constant basis are better steps/routines to get into the habit of instead of taking laxatives, or eating minimally. Fruits, veggies and working out 3-5 weeks should do the trick. Time, patience and perseverance are also key factors in getting to a healthier version of yourself and maintain that for the long haul. Don’t think you have to be a size 2 to be healthy because that is just not the case. There are may people who are a size two that are unhealthy and many people who are a size 10 that are healthy and happy. Focus on making better eating choices, and getting some type of athletic activity on a daily basis (and yes that could mean just taking a 20 minute walk during lunch or after work).

3. Find Support & Motivation In Others: You know how you have that group chat of your best ladies there showing you love and support in all your foolish day to day decision making. (No… guess that’s just me then). The point us we can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. Friends that do fitness challenges together, stay healthy together! The Go Red For Women’s #GoRedGetFit challenge provides an online squad as well as two renowned celebrity fitness trainers: Scott Parker and Lisa Morales.

Each challenge lasts approximately 12 weeks in an effort to turn a behavior into a habit (22 days is the key initial turn around). One of the first challenges in the #GoRedGetFit campaign is “Pep your step for good” which immediately caught my attention (I’m a FitBit junkie). In this challenge they motivated you to take 10,000 steps a day (which is the AHA physical activity recommendation). They also had you talk to your doctor about your cholesterol so you could be in the know about your numbers.

During the challenge time participants post their messages, photos, videos, successes, struggles, and encouragement within the group. Women are randomly chosen to win prizes for Go Red For Women and Macy’s. The grand prize this year is being in attendance at the Red Dress Collection in New York in February 2018.

Most importantly when maintaining a healthy lifestyle… NEVER give up because you have a bad day or a bad few weeks. Shoot… I’ve been having a bad few months when it comes to eating properly. That doesn’t mean you just turn your back on your health goals. That is why the group comes in handy!!!

For More information  on this dope challenge go visit GoRedForWomen.Org