I don’t think I need to go into great detail about why beets are good for you… they just are! But I personally can’t stand the way they taste whether cooked or raw. I just don’t have the taste for them. Which is why I was so pleasantly pleased when a co-worker of mine shared a recipe she threw together to “hide” the taste of the beets in her super red (the color is beautiful) green smoothie (yes there were greens in there too!)

So here’s what you’ll need to make a super healthy & delicious smoothie that involves beets (yuck!)


Beets (roasted… if you use raw ones it will be alot harder to mask/hide that flavor… trust me I know!)


2 Carrots

1 Orange

1 Apple

3-4 Strawberries (*I added these on my second go around making the juice made it so much better!)

Orange Juice (you can also use Almond milk… I used both)

1/2 A Lemon



If you are used to juicing or making smoothies then you pretty much already have the idea behind the steps you are going to take to make your drink. But for those just starting out and are unclear how to get started here’s what you are going to do to get a delicious bright red smoothie filled with nutrients that tastes pretty yummy! If you are using a lower powered blender, or a nutribullet you are going to want to make sure you chop all of your fruits and vegetables up really well so they can have an easier time being blended together.

Chop up your roasted beets ( I used the cooked beets from Trader Joes because I simply was being lazy and didn’t want to add a cooking step into the juicing process). Chop up all of your fruits and vegetables. You are going to want to throw the handful of Spinach into your blender first (I used two handfuls which made my smoothie a little darker brownish/green) The ratio of beets to spinach is a delicate balance!

After you’ve thrown your spinach in you’re going to want to add in your strawberries, carrots, apple, and orange. Place the chopped up beets in last (You may want to consider wearing gloves when handling the beets so you don’t stain your hands). Add in a splash of orange juice (I mixed the orange juice and Unsweetened Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk from Trader Joes), and squeeze your lemon juice on before you press blend. You can add more liquid (water, almond milk, juice…etc to help move it along if it is too thick for your liking) You can also try adding in a splash of pineapple juice for an extra kick.

There you have it a delicious beet & berry smoothie that tastes nothing like beets! You can experiment with different berries or fruits to get different flavors while still getting great nutrients from the presence of the spinach, beets and carrots! Yum Drink up & Enjoy!

Let us know if you have tried any other interesting smoothie recipes & which are your faves below! If you try this recipe share it with us on our social media platforms by using #TNTsummerReady

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