I did the “Beyonce” diet back in June aka the “Lemonade” diet aka the “Master Cleanse”, and after that I was turned off completely from lemon and cayenne pepper. I’ve never been a huge fan of cayenne pepper, but that diet was  the end of our already tumultuous relationship.

Before I did the diet, I did look into why they chose this particular spice to include as an ingredient in the cleanse. I was surprised to find out that Cayenne Pepper actually had a ton of health benefits. I thought I was doing more harm than good to my body (I was using way too much Cayenne Pepper… so in all actuality I probably was). Ultimately adding a bit of cayenne pepper to your meals (I’m not really on board with the taking it as a supplement idea) could help you see a ton of benefits you never even thought about! And that’s why I’m here to itemize them for you.

benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

10 Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper For Your Health

1. Prevents Blood Clots: Cayenne peppers help to increase/ encourage fibrinolytic activity which prevents the blockages in your arteries that cause blood clots. Cayenne Pepper also helps to dilate your arteries and blood vessels to provide a clear path way for your blood. Talk about a powerful spice!

2. Relieves Migraine Pain: I learned at a very young age that our bodies can not really process pain in two areas at once. (don’t test it… just trust me on this one). Because of the spicy nature of Cayenne pepper it is able to stimulate a pain response in another area of the body. You are in a sense fooling your body into feeling pain else where to take the focus off of the pain in your head.

3. Helps Digestion: Because Cayenne pepper gets your salivary glands going, it helps to improve your digestion while getting rid of bad breath (though your mouth will probably feel a little hot it won’t smell hot). The digestive process begins with the salivary glands so with an increase in saliva production you are helping move the process along, while simultaneously stimulating gastric juice production as well. All these icky terms really come down to the simple fact that adding some cayenne pepper to the tops of your salads, smoothies…etc will help move digestion along at a healthier rate.

4. Relieves Joint & Nerve Pain: I am getting to the age where everything hurts. And I know you’re thinking well how old is she? I’m 29 but feel like I’m 50. Cayenne pepper helps to relieve minor joint and nerve pain you may be experiencing when you apply it directly to the skin. HOLD! Before you go rubbing hot peppers all over your body. Use a cream based cayenne pepper or just like with carrier and essential oils, I suggest you dilute the cayenne pepper just a tad to avoid irritation. The presence of the cayenne pepper where you are feeling pain will feel a sense of relief do to the ability of Cayenne pepper to stop substance P. This is the chemical in our bodies that sends pain messages to the brain.

5. Support Weight Loss: Cayenne Pepper helps to make you “less hungry” thus helping women and men on a weight loss journey. All it really means is by minimizing your appetite your are thus taking in less calories. I don’t want anyone believing that ingesting cayenne pepper alone is what makes you lose weight. That is a common misconception. When you eat less you lose weight. Cayenne pepper mainly acts as an appetite suppressant.

6. Source of Vitamin A: Want clear healthy skin? Wait.. DO NOT rub cayenne pepper on your skin, and definitely don’t rub it on your face. Vitamin A is a key player in helping your skin look its best self. Cayenne pepper is an excellent source of Vitamin A. Besides healthier skin, Vitamin A also maintains proper neurological function, healthy vision, and is an antioxidant preventing inflammation and free radicals. Overall if you choose not to go the Cayenne pepper right, you should still have plenty of Vitamin A in your diet.

7. Provides Detox Support: I mentioned Cayenne pepper was a key player in the Master Cleanse diet for two main reasons. Not only does it serve as an appetite suppressant but it also provides detox support. By helping in digestion, battery and toxins are rid from your body at a much quicker rate. So by not being as hungry and removing toxins quicker you are on your way to a healthier version of yourself with the help of this simple spice.

8: Prevents Allergies: It is believed that Cayenne pepper helps in the prevention of allergies. Say What? Let me try this out in the spring, coz a girl has got terrible seasonal allergies ya’ll. As an anti-inflammatory agent cayenne pepper prevents allergies and symptoms associated with allergies.

9: Anti Fungal properties: This was one of the benefits of cayenne pepper that I found most interesting and most useful because of my PCOS. The anti fungal properties that Cayenne pepper possesses helps with weak immune systems, digestive issues, joint pain, and hormonal imbalance. Cayenne pepper is able to kill fungus and and prevent the future formation of fungal pathogens. PS ladies: It also helps with yeast infections (go figure).

10: High source of Vitamin E: I am on an anti aging kick like no other and anything that has Vitamin E I am all for it. Vitamin E is the anti ager that slows down the aging process while balancing cholesterol , and repairing skin damage. So if you’re on the forever kick like me, adding a little cayenne pepper to the mix may become a necessary beauty hack!

What ways do you plan on including cayenne pepper in your diet because I am still uncertain but I’m willing to give it at try. At least for a little bit!


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