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Makeup is an expensive habit that I have picked up and I can’t seem to put down. While I may be new to this, I learned very quickly that a great beat is only as great as your tools. But with makeup being so expensive, getting the proper tools can also be daunting on the wallet. I’ve seen beauty blenders on sale for 20.00 plus dollars, where others have worked just as great at 5-7 dollars. It was then I learned for a fact that great makeup tools don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Makeup brushes are the foundation of perfecting your beat. A quality brush doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Of course you want to get some bang for your buck but still get a product that can be used effectively. That is why I’ve rounded up the 6 best affordable make up brush brands that you can invest in and slay.

affordable makeup brush brands

Best Affordable Makeup Brush Brands

affordable makeup brush brands

1. ELF: E.L.F brushes range from 2-8 dollars for singles and their brush sets are also affordably priced. E.L.F also is animal friendly so their synthetic brushes set my Vegan lifestyle at ease as well. E.L.F brushes were my first introduction into makeup application and even though my brushes have evolved these are still some of my favorites.

affordable makeup brush brands

2. NYXNYX is my favorite brand for just about everything. Their brushes are a bit more pricy then E.L.F brushes and they are a little more sturdy. Their fibers however are just as strong as the E.L.F brushes. I haven’t purchased any of their sets because the price point often turns me away but they are worth the investment if you are serious about building your makeup craft.

affordable makeup brush brands3. BH Cosmetics: I just purchased a set of these while they were on sale for Valentine’s day and I couldn’t be happier. BH Cosmetics is also Vegan friendly and sturdy. I love love love these brushes. This brand offers different sizes of brushes for travel and for different makeup application techniques. I definitely recommend BH Cosmetics for sets over individual brushes.

4. Real Techniques: Real Techniques brushes are absolutely gorgeous (if you get the gold version) and sturdy. Besides these brushes being fairly priced and durable, they can be found just about anywhere which means that if you ever need a quick new set of brushes you can head to your local Target or Walgreens and get your fix. These sets usually run for about 20 bucks for 3-4 brushes and the individuals range from 7-14.

affordable makeup brush brands

5. MorpheYou have probably heard of Morphe brushes many times during your Youtube beauty binges. Your favorite make up artist probably uses Morphe brushes as well, I know mine does. That’s because they are affordable and BOMB. They are so pretty (that is important to me!) and they will last the test of time. Besides the sets being astonishingly beautiful they’ll cost you between 20-30 bucks.

affordable make up brush brands

6. Sonia Kashuk: I recently learned about this brand as I stumbled upon it at Target. What’s great about Sonia Kashuk being available at Target is you are not only getting a good deal, you also can cash in on Target sales/clearance providing you with an even better deal. These Sonia Kashuk brushes are perfect introductory brushes for when you are first starting out or playing around in makeup. And the sets come in the cutest colors/designs.

What is your favorite makeup brush brand? Share your faves below! You can also follow along on our dedicated makeup Pinterest board for more tips ,tricks and DIY techniques!