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I’ve been running for the last thirteen years (needless to say my knees are probably on their last two to three years) and I’ve used just about every type of headphone out there for my runs. I’m extremely picky when it comes to headphones for two reasons:

  1. Headphones these days are NOT cheap. At least not quality ones.
  2. I don’t want to have to stop and worry about fixing my headphones when I’m focused during a run

All headphones are not created equally and this list will include headphones that cover two major priorities for me: 1. Functionality and 2. Cost.  I don’t want to pay a ton of money for headphones but I also don’t want shitty headphones. So I find myself in the middle of a difficult purchase often as I can not decide should I spend the money or use what I already have. Functionality is also important. Workout headphones are different than runner headphones. When you’re working out you do require space and functionality but you tend to be a bit more steady and stationary. Where you have running you are going through a dynamic range of motion and movement. This would require a different type of headphone than one that is used during a leg day or weight training working out session.

So I say all of that to say this… different things are priorities for people as they are running or considering a pair of headphones. Hopefully this list will help you get one step closer to finding the headphones of your dreams (yeah… I just said that)

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headphones for runners

Best Headphones For Runners

headphones for runners

1. Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones: ($150.00) These headphones are the new BAE! I recently got these and I can tell you straight up I’m so in love with them. I knew BOSE had quality audio because I had BOSE as my radio system in my first car. Fast forward a few years and BOSE and I are now reunited as I hit the gym or the pavement. They are a bit pricy as far as in ear headphones cost, but they are definitely quality headphones that you can use for years.

headphones for runners

2. Beats By Dre “Beats X“: (used-100.00/ new- $150.00) Okay… so my household is an Apple and Beats home so when these two merged we were pretty thrilled. My brothers own three Beats By Dre headphones and two Beats Pills. So I was excited and amped to join the Beats party with a pair of in ear sports headphones. I first dabbled with the wired “Power Beats 2” In Ear Headphones (bought refurbished on Groupon for 100 bucks) and wanted to love them so badly. The wire was long enough not to be annoying, and the sound was BOMB. Then… they stopped working.

I was hesitant to try again because I was honestly just frustrated. I was gifted the newer Beats by Dre release “Beats X” (not by Apple or Beats). I tried them out for a week… and had a love/hate relationship with them. They are less stationary then the Power Beats simple because the wing is just a bit smaller. (Doesn’t hook around the ear). However I never really faced an issue with them while running/working out. The main and ONLY issue I had with these headphones, was the sound. I couldn’t get over the fact that the audio sounded very distant stereo like instead of the in your FACE bass that I’m used to from the Beats brand. I do recommend them if you don’t mind that audio quality, as it isn’t bad… it just isn’t my fave. Overall though these headphones were pretty sturdy and held up well in my gym bag.

headphones for runners

3. Apple Earpods: ($29.99) Okay Okay Okay… before you jump down my throat about these headphones let me first say that I have been running for quite some time and my Apple headphones have held me down the majority of my running life. Are their flaws/faults to these headphones… ABSOLUTELY but each pair of headphones on the list has its pros and cons. These headphones that come with the iPhone are wired (I’m not even going to talk about my disdain for the wireless Airpods) so they will tangle. The wire is NOT that long so you can’t do alot with it on range of motion wise and on a windy day they do have the tendency to come out of your ears. All of that aside… I’ve had my current earpods for over 4 years and have just now experienced my first short. They are way more durable than most headphones. Trust me… I’ve put these bad boys through the ringer (a woman’s purse is a danger zone). At 30 bucks on the Apple site it doesn’t shock me nor anger me. If you’ve got these headphones you know you have a special love hate relationship with them. I for one think they work pretty well on a run as long as you don’t face too many environmental issues. Best if used indoors at the gym on a treadmill.

headphones for runners

4. Sony Extra Bass Wireless Sports In Ear Headphones: ($150.00) These badboys are pretty dope. You get that crystal clear audio quality you expect from Bose. At the same price as the Beats X and BOSE headphones mentioned earlier, what I do love about these headphones the most is they have a secure casing to go around your ear. This provides way more support for your  runs and workouts then the other two headphones offer. That is what made me fall in love with them in the first place. What I also love (well what my pocket loves) is that Sony offers a variety of their sports headphones at much lower costs as well. So if the Extra Bass Wireless don’t fit into your budget I also highly recommend the Sony Active Sports headphones (20.00- wired) or the  Sony Wireless In Ear Headphones (50.00- wireless)

headphones for runners

5. Senso Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ($36.00): This is one of the best sellers on Amazon and with good reason. It was the first pair of wireless in ear headphones I tried. The sound is great for a pair of headphones at that price point and it is affordable. My only issue with these headphones is that the in ear piece didn’t come with a piece that really fit/worked for my ears (I have extremely small ears) and would fall out when I ran. Eventually I ended up passing them off to a friend because I missed the return window of opportunity. However I do recommend these headphones as the introductory headphones to use when you are first starting out on your running or fitness journey.

What headphones have you had good and bad experiences with in your fitness journey? Share your thoughts with us below.