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I am 28 years old and it has taken me 28 years to get into the makeup game! First I’d like to state… that make in itself is expensive.. WHEW child my Sephora status shot up quick fast! But… that is for a whole other post, today I’m discussing the best makeup brands for brown skin beauties.  I found that most of my difficulties and miscalculations while getting my basic makeup in order is that I was being misguided and should have known better. What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone, that I know, but when it comes to skin tone and skin type there are some brands that do a better job than others.

I have sensitive combination skin, that can tend to be a bit oily/shiny when you add makeup into the mix. So I knew from the beginning that I needed products that are mattifying, the problem is many products that help give you a matte look can also be drying and create an ashy look. Then besides needing matte products, I wanted to look like I had a constant glow. That means bronzers and highlighters and powders had to have a bit of a shimmer… also something that can lend itself to an ashy look! Flash testing is your best friend so I learned very quickly.

So after a few failed flash tests, I had to turn to beauty brands that specialized in making me look amazing and not like ashy Larry! Each brand mentioned below has a greater variety than 1-2 options (because we always seem to get the dark or deep and thats it), and focus on undertones as well as skin tones. I mention the brand and my fave specific product from each brand that I believe caters to our beautiful melanated skin.

Without further adieu, my fave recommendations and best makeup brands for brown skin beauties.

best makeup brands for brown skin beauties

Best Makeup Brands For Brown Skin Beauties

1. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder “Bronze Glow”

2. Black Opal Finishing Powder “Deep”

3. CoverGirl Queen Collection Mineral Bronzer “Ebony Bronze”

4. Becca Cosmetics “Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation” (This  comes in 20 shades ya’ll)  & “Blushed Copper Blush” (my absolute favorite blush on the planet)

5. Bare Minerals “Warmth” Bronzer 

6. L’Oreal Paris “Pro Glow” Foundation (I use the color Cocoa)

7. Iman Cosmetics “Second To None” Stick Foundation 


What is your favorite makeup brand for your brown skin? Share your suggestions with us in the comment section below! You can also follow along on our dedicated make up board on Pinterest!