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Drinking water may not always be fun (it is to me) and may seem like a hassle… but we can agree that it is good for you!

If you’re like me you have plethora of water bottles in your house that you never use. These water bottles just sit on the kitchen table or in a cupboard somewhere and you just forget to throw them out. Or you think that one day you’ll actually use them/need them for some crazy hike you know you’ll never take.

Besides my reject water bottles as I so lovingly call them, I also have a plethora of water bottles that I do use, and each for very specific reason. Do I need all of these? No. But having options is definitely worth the investment. Especially because they are affordable and most of them… I’ve been using for over 3 years so they are durable!


Pre Workout Food vs. Post Workout Food

Best Reusable Water Bottles To Fit Your Lifestyle

1. SIGG: Sigg water bottles were my first love when I decided to stop buying water bottles and start saving the planet (and my pocket as well). When I purchased my first SIGG I also realized just how pricy water bottles can get. Thankfully SIGG has a variation of water bottle styles and sizes to fit your needs and your budget. You can get a bottle anywhere from 10.00 dollars (their VIVA Water bottle runs about 10.99) and up. I have an aluminum 1 liter bottle which is usually the most standard and noticeable SIGG bottle out there in the Bottle-Verse (is that a thing… probably just made it up)

PROS: SIGG offers various shapes, sizes, models, materials, colors…. alright you get the picture. They offer a ton of variation when it comes to the style of water bottle you want. You can also customize your own water bottle on their site, or choose from some of their pre-custom designs. I have a 32oz aluminum  “Breaking Bad” SIGG (that was my first) and a regular 32oz royal blue SIGG as well. Besides variation, I’ve had both for almost four years, so you can definitely see that these water bottles are durable AF. I’m also a bit clumsy and drop things all the time, so they can take a bit of a beating and still keep at it (they will get scratched and dinged up though).

CONS: If you want a 32 oz (1 liter) bottle, which in my opinion is the most convenient for those who have busy days then it is going to cost you about $30.00 dollars on average. My former co worker got a really great deal on a 1 liter SIGG at a flea market (she paid 2.00 dollars) and I was lucky to score one for 18.00 dollars one upon a time. Besides cost, the aluminum SIGG water bottle does get a bit heavier than I like when completely filled with water. It also will get dinged up and lose it’s perfect shape after a few falls. Don’t worry though I’ve been using both of my SIGGs for almost 4 years (with their dings and all) without a problem. You’ll also need a brush to get in there to clean it out, because the mouth isn’t wide enough to allow for you to stick a sponge in there and get to the bottom.

2. S’Well: The S’Well company just made a huge business move by patterning up with the Department Of Education in New York City. In this partnership, they secured a water bottle for every single public high school student in the city. That was a huge step, and when they delivered on that deal it was an even bigger step. My S’Well bottle is the newest bottle to my water bottle collection. And I at first was skeptical and didn’t think I really needed another water bottle (because I have a shit ton… trust me), but after my first use I was very very pleased.

PROS: The shape of the bottle is very purse and book bag friendly. Even when this water bottle was filled, it still felt like the same weight which is magic in itself. They also pay really close attention to the times/trends because their designs are super cute and appealing. Besides that… what really made me happy about my S’well bottle was the fact that it would keep things cold or hot for a ridiculous amount of time. As a teacher I don’t always have time to run and get new/fresh water in my bottle. Many times I’m coasting along with the water in my bottle that I’ve had in it since I left home at 5:30 in the morning. Come 12 o clock noon, that water is lukewarm or room temperature at best. In the S’Well bottle, that water still tasted so cold and refreshing. Although I don’t drink coffee, I do also like that the bottle can be used for both hot and cold beverages. A multi talented bottle is always a bonus in my book.

CONS: Since this is my first experience with S’Well bottles I can only go based off of what I know/have. I received what I think is a 16oz water bottle and as a huge water drinker during the day that just isn’t enough for me or my lifestyle. I took this water bottle to the gym the other day, and even before my workout was complete (a one hour workout) my water bottle was empty. I’m sure the company has larger bottles you can purchase but after some research it seems that the 17oz water bottle is going to cost you a whopping $35.00 dollars on Amazon, or the 15 oz one will cost you $24.00. Honestly if I weren’t gifted it from my job, that would be a HARD PASS for me. I’m willing to pay 30 dollars for a water bottle, but it at least has to be 1 liter.

3. EcoVessel: Before I got wind of the S’Well water bottle lifestyle, my best friend gifted me with an EcoVessel water bottle. Because I pretty much never go anywhere with out one of my water bottles, my friends know how much design and functionality mean to me (it’s a weird thing I know). But after complaining about leaving my water bottle in the car, and being too far to go back and get it, Shakira secretly sent an EcoVessel to my house (she’s amazing like that) so I wouldn’t have to complain about this particular problem any more. Why?

PROS: The EcoVessel is another water bottle that boasts of keeping your cold beverages cold for a very long time. This water bottle is triple insulated so it does get the job done, and keep my water colder for a much longer time than usual/most water bottles. The shape is my favorite thing about it. It fits perfectly in my book bag or my purse without being a hindrance, and is also very light even when filled with liquid. It is the water bottle I use 90 percent of the time to go to work, because I can simply just grab and go. Though less extensive designs as the S’Well and SIGG bottles, you can get these bottles in various colors.

CONS: The bottle boasts that it can keep your water/beverage cold for 36 hours… that’s a lie. You’ll get about 5-6 hours before you notice a substantial temp change. I will say that the S’Well did a much better job at keeping my beverage ice cold like it just came from the fridge as opposed to the EcoVessel that keeps it just above room temperate for the most part. I also don’t believe you can put warm/hot beverages in the EcoVessel. You know how I am about size (winks devilishly) and the EcoVessel that I have is a 24oz water bottle. Similarly to the S’Well it doesn’t get me through half of my day before being completely done. By the time 12:00 o clock rolls around I have to re-fill my bottle. I’m not a fan of re-filling a bottle 4-5 times a day especially when I don’t have the means to. Another issue I have is the top of the bottle. While it is very convenient while driving, I’m not a fan of the straw/sucking up the water method in water bottles. Mostly because it makes a weird noise that is annoying especially when teaching. That’s just a design choice I personally don’t like. I’ve also noticed recently that the water bottle will leak a bit from the top after being filled. I don’t know if it’s me filling the bottle up too high, or if there’s an issue that I never noticed/experienced before. No complaints on the price point though, I think it’s pretty fair at 24 dollars for what it is that you’re getting.

4. Takeya: This water bottle is my BAE and if I could wrap up all the other pros in the other water bottles and just throw them into this water bottle I would! Let’s just jump into the deets.

PROS: At 40oz this water bottle is my dream come true. It gets me through three quarters of my day before I have to refill or grab another water bottle (because sometimes I’m just too lazy to re-fill… and I have 5 water bottles so why not). I love carrying this bottle to the gym, or for hiking/climbing activities because I know I’ll never have to really worry about running out of water. My work mom gave it to me last November after I complimented hers (don’t you just love that) and I believe she said she got it at Urban Outfitters, but you can also get it on Amazon (as with everything else in the world). Another major pro is the price point of this water bottle. It usually costs 35.00 dollars (which is right on par with the S’Well and the SIGG) but you’re getting about 8 more oz. A win if you ask me! Right now you can it on Amazon for about $28.00 dollars. An even bigger win! Bigger bonus than what I’ve mentioned before: it’s also triple insulated and will keep your beverages colder than the average bottle. DING DING DING! Can you see why it’s my favorite! Then why have any other one right?

CONS: This water bottle is big and heavy AF! It is not travel friendly (though I have traveled with it in my Herschel book bag… it will fit). Whenever I use this water bottle in my book bag or purse it takes up alot of space, and it also is going to make your shoulders a little sore from carrying it around all day. I honestly try and race to drink the water at least to the half way point in order to lessen the weight a bit by the time I get to mid day. Plus size is they have them in smaller sizes (from 14-40oz – talk about variation). That is however where the variation stops for the most part. You can get them in various colors as well but pretty much your basics: red, blue, black and silver.

5. Hidrate Spark: For those of us who are less inclined to love water, or can’t seem to remember to make time to hydrate your self (which is weird … do better) this is the water bottle for you.

PROS: This is definitely a millennial friendly water bottle to the core. It’s technologically savvy enough to include our phones in our water drinking practices. You get reminders to drink water to your phone, and visually from the little glowing stick that comes with the bottle. This way you have no excuse to be dehydrated. It also has a great shape similar to the EcoVessel that slips right into my book bag, duffle bag for the gym, or purse.

CONS: It is pricy. I guess I understand why this water bottle costs so much (45 dollars is a lot for just 24 ounces), I just can’t fathom paying that much. I also had quite a bit of technical issues with this water bottle. The app was really buggy and didn’t work 90 percent of time, as well as the weird glow stick in the bottle itself. I will say though to the companies defense that I received one of the earliest models of this bottle about 2 years ago, and they may have worked out all of the kinks since then. I on the other hand have been using this as an extremely simple regular grab and go water bottle when my other bottles are empty. I also have thrown away the weird glow stick, because personally it kinda creeped me out to have like a battery operated thing in my water, and since it didn’t work I couldn’t rationalize it.

There you have it… the five water bottles to fit your lifestyle choices and needs. No one needs six water bottles (remember I have two SIGGS) but I will say they easy have their purpose and are used consistently on a weekly basis (I’m weird like that though)