Hey hey hey ladies were are well into our #TNTSummerReady Fitness challenge (approaching the end of week 3) and we have just started our 40 day sugar free detox (day 3)! Whew we are on a roll. So I’m bringing you some info on what Shakira and I have been doing and are going to start doing for the remainder of our detox month! I’ve recently started a 3 day Love Grace Foods Detox (more deets on that soon to come) and was looking for something else to help me during the detox process this month that wouldn’t require too much work or distract too much of my daily routine. That’s when I stumbled onto “Cut Tea” Slimming 14 Day Detox Tea. CuTea offers several benefits to your health (which is always a great start for me) while helping you to get on track to lose the extra few pounds that are stubbornly holding on to you. With CuTea you get a boost in energy (which I need with my full time job, side hustles and TNT), along with:

Benefits Of CuTea To Your Health:

  • Flushed out toxins from the body
  • Burns Fat & boosts metabolism
  • Eliminates bloating
  • Made with fully organic ingredients
  • Laxative Free (Well… that’s a definite plus!)

I’m always a huge skeptic especially because I haven’t reaped these “benefits” as of yet so I decided to dig a little further and see what was in this miracle tea:


  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Tulsi (aka Holy Basil)
  • Organic Spearmint
  • Organic Rose Hips
  • Organic Lemon Myrtle
  • Organic Linden Blossoms
  • Organic Ginger Root

With all of these yummy delicious ingredients that are good for you I decided to give it a shot. I’ll be documenting my 14 day slimming tea detox starting on Sunday February 22nd. Of course I will still be keeping up with my cardio workouts 3xs a week but I’m curious to see if this tea can help me tackle my biggest “problem area” which is my midsection. No matter what I do or how much I weigh my abs are never as defined as I’d like. So I’m putting CuTea to the test to see if it’ll help me get one step closer to getting the midsection I want in time for the summer. I’m excited and nervous (never been too big on teas) but the ingredients were the turning/selling point for me. CuTea seems to have really great results and responses if you look into their social media platforms. What I’m most excited about is that I don’t get to try this alone! CuTea has provided a discount for you!! Using code: TNTSummerReady from now until March 23rd gets you a 15% discount on any of the tea plans. You can start off slow with a 14 day slimming detox like I am or you can go full out and try the tea for 56 days (4 packs of 14 day tea packages)! Follow along with me on this 14 day journey as I see just how far CutTea can push me towards success in my TNT Summer Ready Challenge! If you would like to sign up/ get involved in the challenge it’s not too late to get onto a healthier version of yourself! Sign up here!

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