Detox Teas have become all the rage now as people are trying to get in shape for the summer or just lead a healthier lifestyle. The problem is that most people (including myself) are looking for short cuts from time to time to make things easier or to achieve our goals faster. With fitness… that can be a tricky slippery slope if not checked and handled from time to time. For example I really really want to lose several inches on my waist to achieve a greater hourglass figure… and I’ve been recommended and offered several corsets/waist trainers. However I know that waist trainers are terrible for your insides so instead of jump on that band wagon to achieve my hour glass figure, I took an alternative route and focused on waist slimming core work outs (though more tiring, time consuming, and a longer process it is a healthier process)

Fast forward to the detox tea train with several companies that have decided to promote a tea or mix of herbal teas that help you lose weight and get the shape of your dreams. Is this too good to be true? This fitness craze I decided to try and I had some mixed feelings. Let’s take a closer look at what it is that makes these detox teas “work” and is it worth your time, money and effort.

The Truth About Detox Teas

Pros: They do work. Depending on your body composition they will work differently for each person… but overall they are effective. But they work in the same way that juice cleanses work as well.  When you change your metabolism, what you eat…etc your body reacts and it reacts quickly. If you are looking to drop a few pounds in a short amount of time detox teas may be your best most effective method that is also not very costly (usually about 15-40 dollars compared to juice cleanses that are 100+). I do recommend still trying to eat “right” or semi right while taking detox teas to help the affects/results move along faster.

Cons: These “detox/cleanse” teas can cause long term affects if used improperly or used for too long of a time period. Especially the harsher teas (most of them are harsh) that consist of herbs that are known to be strong laxatives (think Senna… which is a key player in most of these teas). This makes it incredibly difficult to live a “normal” life if you are consistently running to the bathroom (trust me… I know and it is NOT fun). Plus… what happens when you stop the cleanse? There are reports of people who can no longer use the bathroom regularly because their bodies have become dependent on the laxative affect. You also gain the weight back almost just as rapidly as you lost it if you go back to your normal eating patterns.

Overall Thoughts: There are some… (very few) brands that op for a safer/healthier route to helping you “detox” or “cleanse” with the prescence of their teas in your daily regimen. They aren’t as harsh or don’t have the laxative affect which makes them tame on the grand scheme of detox teas. Either way 99.9 percent of these teas contain some form of caffeine which boost your metabolism, yet give you a false sense of energy. (think a tamer form of Coffee). I had some bad experiences and some good experiences in trying out different detox teas. While I still believe to each their own and everyone experiences things differently I was able to gain the most success using Team iBlends (coupon code: TRESSES10).

However I don’t recommend sticking to a detox tea diet for long periods of time. 14-30 days for a quick vacation weight loss process should be fine but anything longer than that may start to cause adverse effects. Do your own research and make sure you are doing what is best for your body!

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