If you’ve been struggling with losing weight adding more water to your regimen can help tremendously and make worlds of difference. Why?

Benefits Of Water:

  • Increases Energy & Metabolism which promotes weight loss
  • Helps Build & repair muscles which aids in toning
  • Amazing for your skin and keeps you looking refreshed/young
  • Boosts your immune system while flushing toxins
  • Helps alleviate joint aches and pains
  • Maintains the pH balance of your body
  • Promotes regularity and helps digestion which can help catapult weight loss into second gear.

And while you may have already known the benefits of drinking water and want to really give it a shot … it can be extremely difficult if you work a full time job that doesn’t allow you to get to the bathroom as frequently as you would like with an increase in your fluid intake. Which is why I’m here to help! I have a full time job that not only restricts my bathroom use, but causes me to go long periods of time before I can actually have the opportunity to run to the little ladies room. So running to the bathroom every 5 minutes just isn’t doable. The recommended water amount is 2-3 liters a day, or half your weight in oz. I tend to fall between 2-3 oz a day but with a focus in weight loss I try to achieve 3 liters most days instead of my average 2.  Here’s a helpful schedule I’ve figured out for myself that has enabled me to drink at least 3 liters of water a day without being a huge inconvenience. Every person is different so you may need to make minor adjustments depending on your job, or your urges.

Drink 3 Liters Of Water A Day With A Full Time Job

Morning Time: When you wake up you are going to want to empty your bladder and go on with your morning routine. At some point in your regimen you are going to want to drink 1 glass of water (8oz). If possible it is wise to  try and go to the bathroom before you head out for your morning commute. If there’s no need (you should still try) head on out the door. During my commute to work (which is about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic) I drink one bottle of water (16 0z) which puts me at a total of 24 oz by 8:00am.

Once you get to work: I head to the bathroom before any work gets started to make sure I don’t have to run out while I’m teaching. (can’t leave the kiddies alone in the classroom during a lesson). My next available break isn’t until 11:00 am so over the next three hours I “snack on my breakfast” which 80 percent of the time is a smoothie. This is more added liquid, but I do not count it towards my 3 liters of daily water a day.

First Break: By 11am you should have 24 oz of water already ingested.  I head to the bathroom during my lunch break to get rid of whatever is left of the initial 24 oz and the smoothie. While eating lunch from 11-12 I drink approximately another 16oz of water with my meal. This brings me past my first liter mark to 40 oz (1 liter = 32oz). My next break usually isn’t until 1-2pm depending on the day. During the last half of my day at work I finish up the last 16 oz  of my SIGG bottle bringing me to 56oz of water.

Second Break: By the time 1-2pm comes around I have already had 56oz of water and I’m usually running to the bathroom to get rid of that last 32oz I drank. I also make sure I head to the bathroom because my commute home is usually jam packed with traffic (45mins-1hour)

Arrival At Home: Despite using the bathroom before leaving work, and not drinking any water on my way home, I ALWAYS have to go once I step in the door. I usually get home around 4pm, and my regular schedule usually calls for walking my dog a mile, and a 30min-1hour workout. Before I head out for the walk with my dog I drink 1 glass of water (8oz) with Inositol mixed in to help manage my PCOS. I also refill my SIGG liter bottle and leave it in the fridge. Once I get back from the walk I start on my workout. During the workout I drink water progressively to stay hydrated. By the time the workout is over I’ve had about half of the bottle (16oz)

Right Before Bed: After I’ve showered and prepared for bed I have about 16oz of water left in my SIGG bottle that I make my way through as I watch tv, read, blog…etc or whatever my night time events are before bed. You want to make sure you don’t drink too much water right before bed so I always make sure I have about an hour that I’ll be awake for, so I wont be running to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

If 3 liters is too much for you to get through… completely understandable! That is why we are going to start off slow with the 2 Liter Sipping Schedule Water Bottle that can make drinking water so much easier, motivational, and fun! You can get your hands on one here and using code: TrialsNTresses gets you a discount!

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Here’s how to join the challenge:

1. Sign up for TNT Summer Ready Challenge here by June 1st

2. Repost the TNT Fun Fit Drink Up Water Challenge Schedule using hashtag #TNTSummerReady & #Funfitca to let the world know you are going to be participating in a dope challenge!

drink 3 liters of water a day

3. Share the daily drink up challenges using hashtag #TNTSummerReady & FunFitCa

*That’s it!! Can’t wait to have you on board and see how your skin and body transform when you focus on giving it more hydration!

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3 Responses to How To Drink 3 Liters Of Water A Day With A Full Time Job

  1. Great! This article is just what I needed to read as I sit at my desk trying to drink all the water that I can 🙂 I am so bad with drinking water. I can go almost a whole day without drinking any fluids (so bad). And I know this challenge will help while trying to lose a few pounds in the next couple weeks. Thanks!

  2. I follow uou on instagram, but I ventured over to your blog to sign up for the challenges!!! I am so glad I did. I work in education as well and these ideas for getting the water in are awesome!!!

  3. Great article… My dr told me to drink 3 litres instead of my usual 1.5l cause I have digestive issues . I do similar to what you cause there is no way I could fit 3l with his method.. Too inconvenient and stressful. I drink the 600mls on thr commute to work. At work I refill the 600mls and 1 litre thermos. I refill from my thermos into the 600ml bottle so I can keep tabs on how much I have drank… If I don’t finish the 1 litre I pour it into my thermos… And drink on the way home.. If I drink all the water on desk then I refill the 600mls to drink on the train and at night drink 2 cups to make it to 3l