eat healthy on a teacher budget

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It’s no surprise that I am a teacher, and I struggle with eating healthy for many reasons. One… I must watch my diet, and what I eat because of my PCOS. I also know that as a teacher I don’t always have the biggest amount of pocket cash lying around, especially after Sallie Mae has had her way with my check. But I still strive to eat as healthy as possible and save as much as possible.

After a conversation at dinner with my friend the other day we came to the realization that eating healthy can be expensive but there has to be another option to eating pizza and chips every day because they are cheaper. That is always my issue… cheaper doesn’t mean better. But a budget is important. It is actually crucial to my monetary survival. So what do I do? Here’s how I eat healthy on a teacher budget.

eat healthy on a teacher budget

How To Eat Healthy On A Teacher Budget

1. Make a List: And check it twice ! Don’t add anything to the list that you don’t need. That also means don’t buy or pick up anything in the supermarket that is not on the list! This will save you time, and money. Plus… if you don’t put chips on the list…then you CAN’T get chips! See what I mean! It does take a lot of will power and control to abide by the list… but once you do your pocket and your tummy will thank you.

2. Cover the basic food groups: I noticed when I would just run to the market on a weekly basis I’d get a lot of the same thing or same type of thing. Cover your basic food groups without being repetitive. For example I love fruit, and I love to grab all different types of fruit. But instead of buying 7 different types of berries… I stuck to one. Especially because berries aren’t in season year round, that can rack up the price of your checkout total. Same for carbs. I chose sweet potato and cauliflower rice as my healthier choices instead of picking up all types of carbs to serve as the base of my meal.


3. Do not deny your self: I know you’re thinking wait what? Sounds counterproductive I’m sure, but hear me out.  I don’t like to deny myself simple pleasures… and I don’t like to spend tons of money. So I meet myself at a happy medium by making better/ smarter decisions. I leave room on my list for 1-2 snacks, and since I’m making better choices I had to choose snacking alternatives. That meant if I was in the mood for some chocolate one week, then I need to get the right kind of chocolate that would fill my sweet tooth, not break my bank, or make me feel guilty.

eat healthy on a teacher budget

eat healthy on a teacher budget

I found these yummy Weight Watchers snacks at Stop and Shop just in time for back to school and they met my sweet tooth with a vengeance. At only 80 calories a bar I can even have two without feeling completely guilty (tho I do tend to stop at one because they are so rich and choclatley). Both these goodies cost me about 8 dollars and last me two weeks worth of snacking for work! 8 Dollars for 12 days is a definite win for me.

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