laser hair removal for brown girls

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So with everything I do (I share it with you) but I also do loads of research because that’s the key to ensuring that everything goes according to plan. And even if you can’t guarantee that everything goes the way you want, you should still arm yourself with a vast amount of information so you know how to move forward. I’ve been thinking about getting laser hair removal for two years!! This past August marked my fourth year anniversary of getting waxed, and my absolute final decision defining moment… I would be getting laser hair removal this fall.

Nothing terrible happened, I have no waxing horror stories and I was pleased with my waxing service. What wasn’t working for me? The cost and the frequent visits. I like for convenience to always be a key factor in my life, as well as a budget that makes sense. I was spending between 40-60 dollars on waxing services about every 6 weeks (less during the winter). I had recently switched wax salons simply because of location. My original waxer (who I loved by the way) told me two years ago, when I asked her about getting laser hair removal treatments, that laser hair removal didn’t really work well for women with dark skin.

That was extremely discouraging and I forgot all about it. Flash forward to May 2016 when we received an “at home” laser hair removal kit from a company who wanted us to review it for them… and the directions specifically stated “Not for heavily melanated skin”. Well color me even more discouraged and hella confused.  Co-founder Shakira decided to jump into the laser hair removal treatment world not too long ago, and had a very successful 5 sessions. Why? Because… there are some things that you need to know ahead of time before deciding to get laser hair removal. The fact of the matter is, it can be done and it can be done successfully but…there’s always homework to be done! So let’s dive in shall we…

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal For Brown Girls

Laser hair removal can be tricky/ dangerous for melanated skin. The basis of how laser hair removal works, is more favorable for lighter skin tones. This is why many darker skinned women have experienced terrible reactions/results when it comes to laser hair removal such as burns, irritation and sometimes … the complete lack of the treatment working at all. Meaning … paying all that money to ruin your skin or leave all the hair where it is. It is NOT a hopeless case. There have been several advances in technology that have helped to create two lasers that effectively remove the hair from darker skin. These two lasers are: Diode or Nd-Yag .

The type of laser matters! So when you decide on a location make sure you ask them upfront if they have any experience with darker skin, and what type of laser do they use. When I called to book my appointment, those were the first two questions I asked. Once they confirmed that they did have experience with darker skin, and old me they use a Diode I was more comfortable, but that’s not all you have to do.

Ask Questions: When you arrive at your appointment (a good laser salon will want to have a consultation first FYI) you should be comfortable asking TONS of questions and your questions should be met with honest and upfront answers. You can ask about the process, how long does it take, what are the possible side effects, care instructions post treatment…etc. Thankfully the spa I decided to go to (full review after my next session), had a full pamphlet prepared with answers and my laser technician was very sweet. She walked me through the entire pamphlet and encouraged me to ask any questions, though she provided a great amount of information up front. She then gave me a sheet with tons of information for me to take home with me and look over as well.

Check their credentials: We are in the age of Groupon and Living Social deals, and trust me there is nothing wrong with either. However… I have purchased tons of “shady” massage and wax deals to know better. Even if you purchase a deal, make sure you check the credentials of the salon first and read reviews. A good deal does not take the place of safety and health. Make sure the person who is doing your laser treatment is licensed!

My Experience: I must say that I’m thrilled to report that I had my first laser hair removal treatment at the end of September and it was great. The pain was minimal, way less than an wax I’ve ever had (though I’ve been told to expect it to get a little more painful for each session). I didn’t experience any side effects, and felt no pain once it was over. Life went back to normal, and even after just one session there is noticeably way less hair that has grown back. My next session (2 of 6) is in the first week of November. I’ll be reviewing my overall experience  by session 3… so bare with me!

Overall I think laser hair removal is a great alternative to shaving and waxing, and it is cost effective in the long run. It may be a scary or expensive thought to some, however if you are thinking of getting the treatments don’t forget to ask questions and do your research! Do not leave any part of your body in the hands of a stranger without doing your homework!

Has anyone had laser hair removal treatments before? Share your thoughts on the process with us in the comment section below!