Hey Hey ladies… so the official first day of summer is about 3 weeks away and that’s all the time we have left for our TNT Summer Ready Challenge. It has been a fun fun 20 week ride but all good things must come to an end right? Not without one final major send off! I know just as well as anyone else how annoying a plateau can become in our fitness journey, but that is just a reminder that you need to push a little further and a little harder to get over that hump/barrier that is keeping you at the plateau. I have plateau twice during our TNT Summer Ready challenge. The first time I got over it/through it by adding weight training and HIIT workouts as well as adding a detox tea to my regimen.

Now I’m at a more frustrating plateau again because I’ve become complacent with my workouts and eating habits. So it’s time to kick my butt into another gear to keep grinding and getting results. Here’s a detailed outline of what I’ll be doing for the last 21 days (starting June 1st) to lose the last 10lbs I set out to lose from the beginning of the challenge in February, and set myself onto healthier long term habits once the challenge is over.

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HOW TO: Lose 10LBS in 21 days (Detailed outline)


This is a biggie but so necessary. For the next 21 days I’ll be cutting quite a bit of excess from my diet for several purposes. One of these main purposes is to drop some pounds of course, but I’m also trying to get my PCOS managed so a few changes are going to be necessary for the long haul.

1. No Refined Sugar (alternative: low glycemic foods)

2. No Dairy (no cheese, butter, milk…etc)

3. No Red Meat (I was originally going to do no meat at all… but I decided not to overly torture myself. I don’t eat seafood… so this pretty much leaves poultry as my only option)

4. Low Sodium Foods (this can be a tricky one… but I’ll be sticking to a maximum of 1500 mg a day as that is the daily recommended value)

5. No Gluten (I’m giving this a shot for PCOS purposes but this can be an optional step for you especially if you do not have Celiac disease)

6. No processed foods or refined carbs (whole grain is your best friend!)

Whenever I make changes to my diet I don’t like to focus on what I can’t eat because that will drive me crazy and make me super super super depressed. Instead I like to focus on what I can eat and should be eating to make sure I have a healthy balanced diet.


  1. Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts (dark leafy greens are a must every single day)
  2. Whole Wheat/Whole Grain foods/breads (gluten Free if you are going down that route & of course without any sugar added)
  3. Protein should be eaten with every single meal (lean proteins are best: poultry & fish)
  4. Natural Peanut Butter (I love love love peanut butter… and have grown a fond taste for the natural version lately)
  5. You can signup here for our TNT Summer Ready June Challenge to get a free 3 day meal plan with an option to purchase a 21 day meal plan to help you all the way through the challenge!


On a daily basis I take: A multi vitamin, Spirulina, Omega 3, (all purchased from Trader Joes) Inositol (for my PCOS purchased from Amazon) and I will be adding Folic Acid to the mix shortly. That’s everyday along with 2-3 liters of water! Depending on your needs and health conditions I recommend adding vitamins to your diet that will help supplement what you may be lacking. As always you should always consult your physician first before making any major changes or taking any new supplements/vitamins.

To get over my initial plateau I started drinking herbal teas. In particular I found that CUTEA helped me the most and was least harmful to my daily regimen/routine. Herbal teas can affect everyone differently so I suggest reading up on them first before deciding to add them to your routine. If however you are interested in trying CUTEA out using code: TRIALSNTRESSES will get you a discount at purchase.

EXERCISE ROUTINE: Doing just pure cardio is the easiest way to get stuck in a rut, become bored, and plateau faster. Instead I’m going to continue working out 4-5xs a week (which is necessary in toning and losing weight) with a healthy mix cardio, Yoga, High intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight training for toning purposes. By signing up to your TNT Summer Ready Challenge you get access to my workout calendar/schedule and free exclusive yoga video. (video/June email go out on June 1st at 9:00am EST). You also get to take part in our Yoga Challenge and Drink Up Water challenge!!! Two challenges focused on strengthening core, speeding up metabolism, and losing weight.

So that’s it! Thats the guideline I’ll be following and keeping you updated/posted with pictures as well. To share your progress/ strides and struggles share using the hashtag: #TNTSummerReady on all social media platforms.