I got my hands on a three day cleanse to help the detox process during the TNT Summer Ready Challenge. To give my 40 day sugar free life a kick in the pants I started off with the 3 day juice cleanse from Love Grace Foods. Let me tell you… it was hard enough mentally preparing to be sugar free for the next forty days, that I didn’t fully mentally prepare to be solid food free for the first three days. But I digress… let’s get to the background info first!

I decided to go with Love Grace Foods for several reasons. They are based in New York (and it doesn’t get much better than New York) and their cleanse is anything but boring. You are given 6  completely differently flavored beverages to prevent falling into a monotonous three days that are already going to be challenging.  Love Grace Foods offers cleanse options from one to seven days. The drinks run about 56.00 a day (one of the more fairly priced cleanses I’ve seen in the oh so popularly crowded cleanse market) thus bringing the three day cleanse to a 168.00 price point.

Love Grace shipped the package overnight (very much appreciated) and packed the juices just right in a snug box filled with ice packs to keep the juices fresh/cool in transport. The box also consisted of detoxing/cleansing tips and advice which I found incredibly useful. The shape of the bottles made it simple to store in my fridge (even though I made lots of room for them).

love grace foods juice cleanse


It’s important to remember that organic raw beverages such as those included in Love Grace Food’s cleanse do have a shorter shelf life because there are no preservatives. The six juices offered in the cleanse contain various ingredients that I loved, liked, and some I could have done without. What really kept me intrigued was the flavor and ingredient combination that was used, which gave me a few ideas on how to power up my own home made green smoothies. Let’s dive into the individual juices & what they  consist of (that also can be bought/ordered a-la-carte online or in local stores)


purify-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429Purify: Consists of coconut water, celery, chard, spinach, and cucumber. This is recommended as the first beverage to kick off the cleanse. I will say this… it was a bit of a shock to my taste buds. I didn’t know what to initially think of it because I am not a huge fan of celery or coconut water. So to have them both play big parts in this drink (no hiding either flavors) made it a little difficult to finish. It also made me nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from the remaining drinks.

ginger-bomb-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-155x429Ginger Bomb: Is a 40z shot of Ginger with a spritz of Orange, Lemon, Oregano, & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. I was also nervous to take my first gulp of this after struggling with the first drink and a known sufferer of acid reflux. I even recorded my initial reaction to show my friends/family who claimed I was just being a big baby. To my surprise I actually really liked this shot. It’s an immense immune system & energy boost. It does warm up your insides very quickly so if y0u suffer from acid reflux like I do, its best to have water right after. If your reflux starts to act up (which mine didn’t at all what a nice surprise) you can add in a teaspoon of aloe vera juice or gel to help calm down the ginger fire going on inside of you.

super-cider-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429longevity-tonic-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429Super Cider (consists of Apple, carrot, ginger, lemon) or Longevity Tonic  (consists of lemon, shilajit, cayenne, agave, and himalyan sea salt): I didn’t try the longevity tonic because of the added agave that would throw off my 40 day sugar free rules I set for myself, but I did drink the super cider instead. Again my acid reflux sufferers I personally didn’t have an attack, but I know that ginger and lemon can some times cause issues so be weary and careful when drinking this one. I also enjoyed the Super cider which was surprising because I’m usually not a fan of carrot, but the lemon and apple played really nicely together and created a refreshing beverage after the ginger bomb. The Super cider is also great for hair skin and nails ladies!

green-sunshine-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429Green Sunshine: Consists of chard, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon. This drink most closely resembles the purify drink taste wise. I chalk it up to the prescence of the chard, celery, and cucumber that give it an extremely green earthy taste. The saving grace to this drink that made me enjoy it so much more than the purify drink was the presence of the spinach, lemon and apple fused together.

love grace foods juice cleanse review

green-protein-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429 probiotic-smoothie-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429 chocolate-superfood-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429Green Protein, Probiotic Smoothie, or Chocolate Superfood: Uhhh… theeee absolute freaking BEST part of the cleanse!! I already knew I was going to love the green protein drink as I’ve been drinking them a-la-carte for a few weeks now which got me hooked on superfood Spirulina! But the probiotic smoothie and chocolate superfood smoothie are just as good and filled with awesome proteins to give you a boost of energy and supplement many things missing from your diet during the three days that most cleanses leave out 0r d0n’t fulfill. These three drinks are a definite treat and set Love Grace Foods apart from the other cleanses in the market.

restore-love-grace-cold-pressed-organic-healthy-cleanse-juices-143x429Restore: Consists of carrots, celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon, orange and beets. The beets give it the blood red color yet it still consists of enough greens to be considered a green drink (very clever Love Grace). I didn’t think I would like or enjoy this drink at all because again it had the cucumber present and I am certainly not a fan of beets. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cucumber taste muted by the other ingredients, and no distinct beet taste either. It has more of a sweet taste which I could appreciate as someone who was giving up all of the yummy refined sugars that my body had grown used to.

Pros: Love Grace Foods juices were satisfying and didn’t leave me feeling hungry or craving solid foods (which was shocking) and I was able to lose 6 lbs in a three day process, which is always nice. (Reminder healthy eating and lifestyle is more important than rapid weight loss) I also wasn’t running to the bathroom every 5 seconds as I was told I would so I was very relieved to be able to live my normal life without fear of having to be near a bathroom at all times.

Cons: For me personally 6 drinks a day was too much for me. I was barely able to get through 4. Some of the flavors kind of threw me for a loop but you can’t please everyone (and with my pickiness its almost impossible to please my pallet). Though I felt full… I wasn’t able to get through my regular workouts/activity which is understandable and warned against in the informational cards. Yoga is best to do during this cleanse/detox and I’m more of a massive cardio junkie. While I do love yoga and I am trying to get more involved in better yoga practices, three days of yoga without labor intensive cardio bugged me a bit.

Overall Thoughts: I think Love Grace Foods is a great way to get into cleasning/detox as it is gentle on the body, gets results, and isn’t extremely daunting. They provide information prior to starting the cleanse, as well as help guide you through the cleanse. They even give you light food options you can try/eat if you find the complete liquid restriction to be too much. I recommend the Love Grace Foods detox for anyone looking for a detoxing/juicing option without completely startling your body or causing harm. As with everything please be sure to check in with your doctor prior to starting any cleanse or detox.

love grace foods juice cleanse review

You can give Love Grace Foods a try at a discount just for being a Trials N’ Tresses reader!! Using discount code: TNTSummerReady (from February 23rd- March 9th) at checkout you can get a discount on 3 or 5 day cleanse purchases! So whether or not you are ready to dive into a full cleanse or just want to taste certain drinks Love Grace Foods is still hooking you all the way up!  Give it a shot… your body will thank you for it!

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