make your own juice cleanse on a budget

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juice cleanse on a budget

Juicing has become extremely popular in the “fitness” atmosphere and as with anything once it is popular the price always shoots up. While juicing has some awesome health benefits, the price can often keep people away. On average detox juicing cleanses are about 10 dollars a bottle. Most cleanses require at least 6 bottles a day which brings you to a whopping 60 dollars a day. Add that up for a 3 or 5 day cleanse and your health is costing you way more than expected. Even the Groupon deals and discounts still cost a lot more than I think they should. Yes I know you have to pay for quality, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice healthy choices and healthy eating because your budget can’t afford it.


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Instead of dropping the big bucks on the pre packed detox cleanses; which can be filled with way more sugar than I like to ingest on a daily basis, there are some easy tips and tricks you can do to make your own juice cleanse on a budget.

How to Make Your Own Juice Cleanse On A Budget

1. Invest in a blender:

It doesn’t have to be a crazy fancy blender either. That’s the thing a budget is different for every single person and there is no cookie cutter option that will fit the needs of everyone. You can get a blender for as low as 15-20 bucks, or you can pay a little more to get one of the fancier (but certainly not fanciest) options. I went mid-range when it came to blender choices. I bought a Nutri Bullet for about 80.00 bucks about two years ago and it came with cups to carry my juices, two blades, and a recipe book. If you really have a huge budget then get you a Vitamix, which is like the king of blenders. However like I said… if you want to just experiment with juicing and aren’t sure you’ll even love it, start off with a cheaper blender and work your way up if your budget allows.

2. Grab some containers:

While you won’t be able to make juices to last you for months (I mean maybe you can if you freeze them), but pre-made juices for the next day or two will help you remember to drink them. I personally use mason jars  as my containers for just about everything because they are inexpensive, and can be stored just about anywhere. Make your juice on a Sunday and pack up some juice for Monday + Tuesday while you’re at it. This way you won’t complain about time, or being busy/working because your juice will already be made and packed. Just toss it in your bag or lunch box and be on your way.

3. Prep your portions in advance:

So now its Tuesday and you drank your last pre packed smoothie… now what? On that same day that you make your juices, pack your portions into zip lock bags and put them in the fridge/freezer. This way you can just toss your zip lock bag into the blender and be ready for your next juicing in no time. I would hate to have to cut up fruit and grab spinach every single time. Instead I pull my zip lock out of the freezer and go about my merry way in no time. Health sometimes is all about efficiency and time management.

4. Figure out what you love + what it’s good for:

 If you are new to juicing drinking a glass of green, red, or purple liquid can be a bit intimidating, especially if  you’re not a huge fan of vegetables. When I started juicing I was heavy on the fruits and using very very little greens. That was kind of pointless, as I was just consuming large amounts of sugar without too much of a benefit. Instead figure out what you love and how you can incorporate them together to be beneficial and taste good. Stock up on the fruits and vegetables you love so the process will be pleasant. I know I do not like Kale at all, therefore I never add it to my juices even though I know there are many health benefits. Instead I add more spinach and adjust the fruits / vegetables I add to the drink. I use the 2:1 ratio when juicing. Two cups of vegetables to one cup of fruit.

5. Coupons Coupons Coupons:

Here’s the big one! Now you know how to set up your juice and make it taste delicious but how exactly do you get all these things when you are on a budget. Its not simple feat but it is worth it, and doable. Shopping around can be annoying especially if you have your go to market but sometimes you get better deals when you look around. Using coupons and cash back apps such as iBotta and Checkout51 will help make the “shopping around” aspect that much easier and more rewarding. Shopping in farmers markets may also be more fiscally responsible than your big box markets. I personally go to Trader Joes for most of my fruits and vegetables as I find them to be the cheapest option that still offers quality options. There are a few things I buy from big box markets but I always make sure to have a coupon on hand. My basics for my smoothies often includes spinach as my green, almond milk as my base, and various fruits.

I find that my total for a weeks worth of fruits and vegetables are way way way less than buying a 3 day detox cleanse. Most of the time it costs less than a 1 day!

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