We are about 7 weeks into the New Year and for some of us our fitness resolutions have already been forgotten, or have faded into the background.  It’s not too late (it really is never too late) to get back on track to reach your New Years Fitness Resolutions and to reach them for the entire year. These 5 easy tips/ways can be adjusted to meet your scheduling needs/issues as well.

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolutions

new years fitness resolutions1. Grab A Friend: Last year when I decided that I wanted to achieve a healthier version of my self I started failing around March because it was too cold to go outside, and all the chips in the house looked appetizing. My friend got a gym membership that allowed her to bring a friend whenever she attended. We kept each other accountable for our future summer time fly. When you have someone who shares accountability with you it makes it easier to find the motivation to get up an go get in a 30minute- 1 hour workout session after a long day.

[Tweet “My fave part about crushing my fitness goals is looking back on all of the “Can I Do This?” moments. That makes all of the stress, sadness, hard work so much sweeter”]

2. Set smaller/mini goals :  Setting one giant goal at the beginning of the year can be daunting. Instead of saying you want to lose X amount of pounds, or run X amount of miles by the end of the year, choose smaller increments on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

3. Reward  Your Self: So many times we focus on punishing ourselves when we slip up in our fitness journey, but we don’t take the time to truly reward ourselves. Messing up happens, it is not the end of the world and should definitely not be the end of your fitness journey. After a slip, get back on track and move forward. Reward yourself in different ways (doesn’t always have to be a cheat meal) and in different increments. Whether it be for a job well done for the week, or even for the day, be proud and celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made during your fitness journey.


4. Switch It Up: Here is one of the most important steps (and easiest in my opinion) to keeping your New Years fitness resolutions. I hate going to the gym and running on the treadmill or just lifting weights. And oddly I have a huge love affair with running. Somehow someway we get wrapped up in doing the same workouts, the same exercise routines because we think they breed the best results. WRONG. When we get bored, or feel obligated to do something we don’t really like we stop wanting to do it. When you don’t want to do something, you will find every excuse in the book not to do it. I’m tackling that issue myself right now. Instead of forcing myself to run on the treadmill, or run on the brutal NYC cold winters, I’m taking various fitness classes at New York Sports Club. 


I took two Yoga classes there in the past two weeks. The first was complimentary, and I enjoyed it so much that I returned. And even though I did get the first session free for review purposes, New York Sports Club lets everyone enjoy a complimentary first session so you can get a feel for the environment and class before any commitments. I took a Vinyasa Yoga class both times, once in Manhattan, and one in an NYSC more local to my home. Both classes were led by a certified Yoga instructor and served to be challenging yet rewarding. This was the first time I ever took a Yoga class outside of an actual Yoga studio. I was a bit apprehensive and never expected to be taking Yoga at NYSC.  I used to see it more so as just a gym where people go to work out and head on their way. Once I walked into the actual Yoga room, it was just like any Yoga studio room I’ve experienced in the past. Because New York Sports Club offers tons of different fitness classes I’m actually looking into rotating into other classes besides just the Yoga options. Plus there is a class every hour so it is convenient for even the most difficult of schedules (like mine!).


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5. Track Your Progress: My favorite part about crushing my goals is looking back on all of the “Can I Really Do This?” moments. That makes all of the stress, sadness, hard work so much sweeter. Seeing how far I’ve come on paper or through pictures is a constant reminder that even when I’m thinking about giving up, I have much more tenacity and strength than I often give myself credit for.

What steps have you taken to reach your New Years Fitness resolutions? Share your steps/tips and thoughts below. And if you found these steps helpful don’t forget to share them with your loved ones!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Town Sports International. The opinions and text are all mine.