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For as long as I can remember I have had issues with my skin all over my body. It’s a bit of a burden I’ve hate bare and quite costly might I add. Out of all the issues I’ve had with my skin you would think my face would be the main issue, but its not. With the skin on my face I’ve pretty much got a good handle on a regimen that works successfully. I also notice that the more water I drink (duh) the better my face looks on a day to day basis. But the problem area that just won’t seem to quit… is my back.

I initially wrote a post about how far I had come with my back acne issues last year , but as with most things you forget every now and then to follow the regimen, vacation rolls around and you’re eating like a pig, or a product gets discontinued. In my case it was a little bit of all three. I was so excited with the results I didn’t stick to them like I should have. I tried switching products in and out and wasn’t getting the same results. My eating habits were cyclical and the Black Soap I was ranting and raving about to everyone was discontinued.

To say the least I was a bit devastated that I started having some breakouts again (not as much as before) and the scarring and dark spots were still an issue. Over the past month I’ve tried to reign in my regimen once again to get things under control. So far I’m having some success (resolving back acne is never an overnight process) and I’ve decided to finally follow my own advice and see a dermatologist. While I’ll be seeing my dermatologist for other reasons as well (I’ve got an ingrown hair that just won’t quit) I’ll be interested and open to all of her advice on how to get rid of the scarring (thats the absolute worst part).

Until then I’m sharing my routine/ regimen that has helped keep the breakouts at bay and is slowly but surely bringing some glow to the skin on my back.


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Skin Care Hacks: Simple Back Acne Solutions

1. Witch Hazel: I use witch hazel as a toner for my face and it seems to be doing the trick on my back as well. It is helping with brightening the dull skin and evening out the irregularities in tone.

2. Coffee Scrub: I was initially using a coffee scrub that was a bit pricy for the quantity and could only be delivered (there was no way to make the purchase in store in case I ran out and forgot to re-order). So I started shopping around the market for a good coffee scrub that would help with the scars and dark spots. I chose the Lush “Cup of Coffee” scrub because it doubles as a face mask for me a few times a week. It works well, but in all honestly if you want to save yourself a few bucks you can make your own coffee scrub using used grounds and your favorite oils. There’s tons of DIY scrub recipes on Pinterest head there now! (okay when you finish reading this article)

3. Black Soap: I’m still a firm believer in black soap if you get the right kind. Raw Black Soap is the best option and is also the most cost effective. I don’t know why Kuz has forsaken me and stopped making their black soap but there are many options out there in beauty supply stores and on Amazon.

4. Cerave: I started using Cerave Hydrating Cleansing Bar because I was panicking when I saw a new cluster of breakouts on my lower back. I didn’t have time to get any African Black Soap so I googled best acne fighting soaps and Cerave won my vote. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and I don’t have any complaints. It doesn’t leave my skin any more moisturized than other soaps I’ve used ,but I have noticed that its stopped the breakouts in its tracks and I feel super clean when I get out of the shower.

5. Moisturizer: Dry skin is a playground for breakouts and during the winter months especially my back gets extremely dry. I’ve been using my fancy schmancy facial moisturizer as of late but I recommend getting a moisturizer or spot treatment to rub on your back post toning.

Treating my back the same way I treat my face is going to be a new motto for me to see great results. I’ll provide an update once my dermatologist adds in her two cents on how to get my back, back on track! What skin issues are you currently battling and how are you handling them? Share your thoughts and advice with me below! You can also follow our dedicated Pinterest board for skin hacks and DIY recipes!