Bentonite Clay PowderI recently starting using bentonite clay in my skin regimen, and wanted to share with you the top 5 reasons you should be using bentonite clay also. It is more than just a skin mask or a hair cleansing method, bentonite clay has several health benefits as well. Bentonite clay is a healing clay that is also called Montmorillonite. So what exactly is it and why does it possess such “magical powers”.

Bentonite Clay: This healing clay is really just aged volcanic ash. The purest/best form of bentonite clay is an odorless/stainless grey/cream color variation that possesses a velvet feel to it. We get the name Bentonite because the largest amount of the ash can be found in Fort Benton, Wyoming. (nice fun fact to know!)

How It Works: Bentonite clay is what I call a scientific magic trick. The clay produces an electric charge when it is mixed with liquids (often water, aloe vera juice, or apple cider vinegar) The negative charge that is created when the clay is mixed with a liquid quickly bonds/attracts the positive charge found in most toxins and releases its minerals for use in the body. So the easiest way to picture that is to imagine a magnet pulling out the toxins and sending back the positive minerals we need/want in our body. The minerals present in bentonite clay are silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium. The presence of liquid not only acts as a catalyst for energy but it also causes the clay to become sponge/paste like and draw in what we don’t want in our bodies.

Bentonite Clay On AmazonThis wondrous clay can be used in several different ways in many different aspects of your life which is why you should consider investing in a large amount ( I just purchased a 2lb container from Amazon for about 7 bucks) for many different purposes and long term use. One thing you do want to remember before you dive in head first to using bentonite clay you want to keep this clay and the mixtures you create away from metals. Therefore using plastic or wooden utensils/bowls is key to effectiveness.

1. Skin Healing Properties: Bentonite clay possesses healing properties that act as an antibiotic treatment when applied externally to your skin. This helps to alleviate skin irritating issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Because of the binding to toxins you are less likely to break out with blemishes, or have irritation/allergic reactions that would often arrive with use of a lotion, face wash, or other reaction. The clay mask applied to the skin also speeds up the healing time of wounds.  I personally use bentonite clay once a week for a facial mask, and it has been working wonders in my skin care regimen. I haven’t been eating a healthy as I’d like with the holidays in full swing, and my face was paying the price. Mixing the clay with water and Apple Cider vinegar has severely cut down on the blemishes I currently have and has decreased any new ones from popping up.

2. Detox your skin: Bathtime can often be so relaxing especially with the presence of some sort of bath salt. However adding bentonite clay to your bathwater will not only be relaxing but it will also be beneficial. The addition of the clay will create a detoxification for the skin all over your body. You will leave your bath with much smoother, hydrated skin which is always a plus. The clay also helps to reduce swelling on inflamed areas, so taking a nice long soak in the tub can help wipe away the long hectic day.

3. Improves digestion & Balances pH: Taking bentonite clay internally (which I haven’t tried) on a daily basis also serves as a detox but most importantly the clay helps with the digestive process. If you are anything like me balancing our pH is very difficult especially with a diet that can stray from balanced. The presence of the alkaline minerals in bentonite clay will help to bring your pH back to a healthy balance and ease the internal acidic tension that is creating a strain on the digestive process.  Bentonite clay also acts as a boost for probiotics which we all know we can often use more of especially if your diet doenst necessarily include them regularly ( like from Yogurt and other foods…etc) I know my diet lacks healthy probiotics therefore I take them in pill form to supplement where I lack. As an internal detox this clay will also help to boost your energy by transforming your food into useable energy.

4. Improves oral health: This one I was a bit weary of because I take my dental hygiene very very seriously. But with further research I’ve come to realize that bentonite clay may be the cure to solving many of my dental issues (weak enamel and sensitivity due to grinding teeth) Bentonite clay is often used for these reasons and more as a natural toothpaste and a natural rinse (when mixed with water). The clay helps to lower the high level of toxins that are most commonly found in the mouth.

bentonite clay aztec secret container5. HAIR HAIR HAIR: I saved the best for last! Women in the natural hair community have been bragging for a while now how bentonite clay’s cleansing properties have worked wonders in their hair and made their curls truly happy. Bentonite clay has been proven to have a similar strength in cleansing as shampoo without the excessive drying if used properly. Naturals that are on a strict “no poo” regimen often turn to a bentonite clay mask to help cleanse their hair every 4-6 weeks. I haven’t used bentonite clay for this purpose yet (though I did buy the clay to use for my hair initially) but I do plan on giving it my first try after I remove my faux locs.



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8 Responses to 5 Benefits & Uses Of Bentonite Clay

  1. I actually have this clay!!! I love how tight it makes my face feel. Great review! Idk why but I am afraid to try this in my 4b hair though I have heard great reviews. Anyways, happy holidays! Would love to follow each other #blmgirls


  2. Oh yes, bentonite clay is my homie! We go way back! Lol! I have yet to find a recipe for remineralizing toothpaste with b.c. that I like tho. But I believe it really is effective. #BLMGIRL

  3. I love Bentonite Clay, I use it pretty often to detox my scalp and hair, and maybe sometimes on my skin. I usually add some oils in as well. Ever tried mixing it with rhassoul clay or amla?

  4. I used this clay on my 4b/4c hair and my curls were absolutely BEAUTIFUL….I have never seen my hair in this form ever…… is AWESOME……