Almond Oil is my new fave oil and I figured all of the ranting and raving means nothing if you don’t know the actual benefits of almond oil in your every day life. Not just for your natural hair, but almond oil is beneficial for the skin and a key player/ingredient in several beauty hacks that will help keep you looking refreshed and young. So let’s hop to it.

Top 5 Benefits Of Almond Oil

1. Health Benefits: Almond oil has several health benefits packed into one tiny almond. Adding almond oil into your daily life will help in preventing heart disease, regulating/ lowering cholesterol, maintains healthy levels for your blood pressure, builds your immune system, and helps to keep your digestive system on track.  Almond oil is filled with potassium, folic acid, protein, mono saturated fats, and Vitamin D. You should be taking almond oil in small doses ( ½ – 1 tsp orally or added into your cooking oil) on a daily basis to reap these health benefits in your life.

2. Relieves muscular pain: Almond oil is used very frequently to help alleviate muscle pain and stiffness. Because it is easily absorbed into the skin, spas and massage therapists use it as their oil of choice to help relieve stressed and sore muscles.

3. Skin Care: Almond oil is an absolute miracle oil if you are trying to lighten dark circles (which is what I’ve been using it for mostly), tone your skin, moisturize dry skin, and get rid of/prevent fine lines or wrinkles. It helps relieve inflamed or irritated skin.  Almond oil makes your skin healthier period! Vitamin E, B, and A are easily absorbed into the skin without clogging your pores. Almond oil is also a great addition to any DIY lip balm ingredients for dry/chapped lips.

4. Delays Signs Of Aging: Uh… can we just say Amen! Almond oil has the capability to remove dead skin cells that often make our skin look dull, worn or tired. This oil not only removes impurities but creates a glow with renewed skin cells that give you a younger fresher look. Who can complain about that benefit?

5. Hair Care: As an oil rich in magnesium applying almond oil once or twice a week to the scalp will help prevent hair loss and breakage. The quality and health of your hair will genuinely improve which will enable length retention to reach maximum capabilities. Which means what ladies? Healthier longer hair that wont fall victim to damage, breakage and split ends. You can also use this oil in your leave in conditioner treatments to help reduce/ eliminate dandruff and scalp issues.

I use mint almond oil from Mielle Organics. (using code TRESSES gets you a discount) but Almond Oilcan also be purchased at your beauty supply store or on Amazon.

Have you given Almond oil a try? Let us know your thoughts/ experiences with this miracle oil below.

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