I’m not usually one to follow trends for the sake of being trendy, and “organic” seems to have gotten a bad wrap in just about every aspect because it is being used to double/triple the cost of products. However there are some benefits … many benefits actually of organic skin care that can’t be ignored. And just because your skin care regimen consists of organic products and methods doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be very expensive at all. Most of the time my organic skin care regimen costs me much less than “regular” store bought skin care items, because they can be found at home! So here are my tups and tricks to capturing the benefits of organic skin care without breaking your wallet!

Benefits Of Organic Skin Care

1. No Harmful Ingredients: This is the number one and most important/ crucial benefit of organic skin care. It goes far beyond “natural” skin care products as that is something completely different. By our nation’s regulations just about anything can go into a product, and many companies are labeling their products as natural because they contain a few ingredients that come from the earth. (take for instance the new lawsuits piling up against Wen). But with organic products the biggest issue usually lies in allergies. With organic skin care, you know that the product that is penetrating your skin won’t cause harmful side effects that can harm your well being.

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2. Better For sensitive Skin: Organic Skin care routines and regimens are usually better for people who suffer with sensitive skin, or combination skin. I have combination skin and faced serious boots of acne issues in high school as well as two years ago when I experimented with Biotin. This year when I noticed things start to go awry I immediately starting using Lush products and saw an instant change. Now there is absolutely no going back for me! Organic care is gentler on the skin and tends to focus on the problem areas rather than creating new problems.

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3. Better for the environment : Organic skin care is not only better for you but it is better for the environment (if you care about those kinds of things). As we get older we should care about the environment (I know I didn’t when I was younger but now I am much more aware). The fewer toxics chemicals in our skin care products, the fewer that will be in the atmosphere.

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4. Know What’s Going on your skin: I touched on this a tiny bit in the first benefit, but when you know what is going on your skin you get a better piece of mind. You also can DIY a lot more! Organic skin care has so many basic ingredients that I find myself getting to the root of the products and stocking up on them individually for a much cheaper price. Yes Lush products are a bit pricier and don’t have many preservatives so their shelf life is much shorter than the store bought products. However because there products are easily recognizable I can buy things like Rhassoul Clay, Olive Oil or Oatmeal and make my own face masks, scrubs and more. I’ve also gone back to the basics on many things that have helped me cut corners on cost as well such as my toner.  I started using Witch Hazel and fell in love.  Witch Hazel for now only costs me 7.00 dollars and a single bottle usually lasts 4-6 weeks depending on how I use it.

What organic methods or products do you use in your skin care regimen? Which are you thinking about adopting? Share your thoughts below! And if you loved this post or found it helpful don’t be afraid to share it with someone else who may find it useful too!

benefits of organic skin care

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  1. I love making my own body butter using things like cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil etc. My skin has reacted amazingly to it and I haven’t had an eczema flair up in over 6 months.