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It never surprises me when I learn something new about the skin care game, but I do always wonder what took me so long to learn it. What I’ve recently been introduced to is Rosewater, which I’ve come to find out isn’t new, or a secret at all. So how on Earth did I miss out on it? After attending a recent WonderCurl event, I was introduced to their newest product the “Rosewater Hydrating Spritz“. Once I started using it, I was intrigued to know what else this little miracle in a bottle would be good for in my life. I like products that can double or triple up in various aspects of living.

So after researching I found 10 amazing benefits of rosewater for your skin that I just could not ignore!

10 Benefits Of Rosewater For Your Skin

benefits of rosewater for your skin

1. Soothes Sensitive & Irritated Skin: If you have sensitive or combination skin like I do, rosewater comes in handy when it comes to our skin being easily irritated. A few spritz of Rosewater or pouring a tiny bit onto a cotton ball will help with the irritation and provide a cooling sensation as well.

2. Cleanse Oily Skin: Because I have oil skin I can never find things that work for the different patches of skin on my face. Either one is too drying or too sensitive to remove dirt/buildup or oil. Rosewater is the perfect balance. It is gentle enough to avoid drying out your dry sensitive skin, and strong enough to add to your favorite cleanser or use alone to remove extra oil from your skin.

3. Rejuvenate, soften & tones skin: I’m currently using rosewater predominately to tone my skin after I’ve cleansed. It helps to soften mature skin, and rejuvenate dull looking skin (yes ladies even during the winter). The secret? The removal of dead/dull skin helps your skin appear much younger, brighter and cleaner. The astringent like properties help clean pores and tone the skin.

4. Helps Skin Glow : As stated in the reason above, Rosewater helps rejuvenate dull skin causing our skin to glow even with out those handy Instagram filters.

5. Helps Prevent sings of aging: Rosewater is filled with anti- oxidants and vitamins so using it in your daily skin regimen is a definite key to success when preventing aging. (which we all are trying to do). Your skin cells and tissues are made stronger making skin regeneration a much easier and more beautiful process.  No wrinkles for you!

6. Nourishes skin: Your skin will feel so alive and nourished after using Rosewater that you will wonder how you did without it.

7. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties: This by far is my favorite benefit of using rosewater on your skin because it helps not only keep your skin looking healthy, but keeps it actually healthy as well. The anti bacterial and antiseptic properties keep your skin clean from the inside out.

8. Makeup Remover: I’m not a huge fan of makeup because I worry that it’ll clog my pores and my sensitive skin won’t react well to it. However Rosewater serves as an affordable makeup remover that will keep your pores clear of any gunk that might be left behind below the surface. It even works with waterproof makeup that is always extremely difficult to remove. (another little secret: you can also use a little bit of Rosewater to set your make up as well)

9. Helps maintain skin’s pH balance: By controlling excess oil on your face, Rosewater also helps to balance your skin’s pH.

10. Helps hydrate and moisturize skin : Because Rosewater decreases inflammation and reduces bacteria on our skin it is able to allow full hydration while soothing any irritation we may be having. Plus it smells really good too.

benefits of rosewater on your skin

Have you used rosewater in your skin care regime before, if so how? If you don’t know where you can get your hands on Rosewater it is available on Amazon (as most of the world is) for about 8.00 for an 80z bottle. 

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