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A few months ago I was dealing with significant skin issues like I was back in high school again. I couldn’t understand what was happening and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I decided that I would try a natural approach to skin care to see if things would improve. In fact… they did! I started using Lush products as my cleansers, scrubs…etc but I didn’t know where to find a toner. It was then a colleague of mine recommended using witch hazel as a natural astringent to help battle my skin issues. I was skeptical at first but after researching, and actually using it for several months I am a firm believer in its benefits and effectiveness. Here are five amazing uses and benefits of witch hazel on your skin that I have had the pleasure to enjoy!  


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5 Uses And Benefits Of Witch Hazel On Your Skin

1. Fights Acne:

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that fights off inflammation and oil on your skin. In doing so this natural miracle worker helps fight acne from two different angles. It is a gentle toner (does not have salicylic acid) but if used consistently you will see results. I saw results immediately after a few days of use. My acne decreased drastically and my skin looked like it was glowing. Witch Hazel also helps fade blemishes and and bruises if used consistently over time.

2. Reduces puffy eyes:

I don’t get much sleep and was looking for several ways to handle my dark circles and puffy eyes. Because Witch Hazel decreases inflammation and tightens skin it helps to decrease the puffiness. You soak a cotton ball in the liquid and place it over your eyes for five minutes and you will start to see a difference. (your eyes should be closed obviously when doing this)

3. Removes oil:

I used witch hazel several times a day in the summer time whenever my face felt oily, sticky or dirty. Because it is so sensitive it will not dry out your skin (make sure you purchase the 100% witch hazel version that is alcohol free). Your skin will feel clean and refreshed (think of it as a cheaper version of an oil pad). Your pores will be tight and appear smaller while your skin glows.

4. Helps fight dry skin:

Sounds odd that a liquid that removes excess dirt and oil can be used to trap moisture into our skin but that is precisely what it does. Witch Hazel helps with locking in moisture therefore using it after a hot shower, or steaming your face will help keep moisture trapped under the first layer of your skin and prevent dry skin.

5. Eases Psoriasis & Eczema:

Winter is coming (cue Game Of Thrones opening sequence) and dry skin can really go hay wire especially if you are dealing with psoriasis and eczema. Witch hazel is not only used to help with razor burn or sun burn, but also with these skin issues as well.

You can find Witch Hazel in your local drug store, beauty supply store, or online from Amazon. Of course you want to make sure you buy the best version/quality that is alcohol free and doesn’t contain other ingredients. I plan on using witch hazel for quite a bit of time in my skin care regimen. What do you use witch hazel for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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