We’re heading into the spring and summer seasons, letting go of our dry winter skin. I for one had a very difficult skin care regimen this winter, because of frequent battles with eczema. What made it even more confusing, New York didn’t really have a full blown crazy cold winter, but the air was definitely different and affected my skin greatly. Bring in dry skin brushing as my favorite best kept skin care beauty secret and I’m getting ready to glow up this summer. So what is dry skin brushing, how long does it take, why am I taking the time to write a post about it, and what is it going to cost you? Well the answer to all of these questions is quite simple, especially the “how much is it going to cost” part.

dry skin brushing

Dry Skin Brushing: What Is It + What Are The Benefits?

What is dry skin brushing? Dry Skin Brushing is the process of shedding dead skin cells off of your body to help encourage cell renewal. In simpler terms it is a method or process of exfoliating your skin all over your body. We spend so much time worrying about the skin on our face (obviously because we want to put our best face forward) that we often forget about the skin on the rest of our body. It requires just as much TLC as the skin on our face does. Dry skin brushing does just that and more!

Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing: Dry Skin Brushing has several benefits that will take your skin from 0-100 real quick.

  • Exfoliation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Stimulate Lymphatic System
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Invigorates Skin

How To Dry Skin Brush Your Body: Grab a dry skin brush (I got my first tiny one from a holBox and bought my current larger one from Amazon) and rub down your body for 5-10 minutes before you jump into the shower. You want to scrub in circular motions towards the heart to help with stimulating the lymphatic system. You can start anywhere on your body. I personally start from the bottom and work my way to the top.  I also recommend starting out dry skin brushing once a day and moving up to twice a day if you have the time or your skin requires it. I don’t personally have the time to skin brush in the morning, so I do it at night before my night time shower. What’s most important to remember is you are brushing and not scrubbing, so even though your pressure should be firm to properly exfoliate, it should not hurt or be irritating.

Where To Get The Proper Tools: You want to make sure your dry skin brush has natural materials that make up the bristles. Stiff bristles are ideal, and a long handle so you can reach those hard to reach ares of your body. When skin brushing it is also important to avoid sensitive areas that may not respond so well to the process. You can find them in Bath + Body Works or other beauty related stores. You can also purchase from Amazon as they have various different options, sizes and price points.