Skin Care can be a very tricky and complicated especially when things that were once working, stop working. My biggest skin care issues have always been breakouts on both my face and my back. Luckily for the most part I’ve been able to keep the skin care issues on my face at bay so that they are simply a moderate inconvenience. However what I’ve come to realize is that dealing with the acne issues on my back require quite a bit of different care than dealing with the acne issues on my face.

For starters the products I use on my face haven’t been the slightest bit effective in stopping or decreasing outbreaks. I also wasn’t paying as much attention to my back as I was my face since most of the time my back is not visible. Since my face is always the first thing people see I was doing everything I could to make sure I was comfortable with my appearance. Now with the summer approaching I want to make sure I am comfortable with how my back appears as well. So I started making a few changes that surprisingly were giving me results I was pleased with.


First up I changed my cleanser. I was using body washes with all types of chemicals that just weren’t helping the situation. I tried Neutrogena’s body wash as well as Dove’s Body wash which were much gentler and claimed to help improve complection but didn’t do so. I started using African Black Soap bars because I knew of all the benefits that African Black Soap. I wasn’t using Raw Organic Black Soap and wasn’t reaping the benefits like I thought I should. When I finally got my hands on the right soap (Kuz Raw African Black Soap with Lavendar- 2.99 at the beauty supply store), I started seeing results in the first week of use.

Photo May 16, 12 36 36 PM


I know its strange to think that you have to use toner on your back the same way that you use toner on your face, but it helps with reducing oil production, cools/soothes any irritation, and helps to get an even skin tone (which my back did not have). What I noticed worked best on my back as a strong astringent that didn’t sting/dry my skin out was Sea Breeze. Odd I know… but I started using my brother’s Sea Breeze that he used as an aftershave as my toner and it left my back feeling refreshed and clean.


I had a lot of scars on my back from previous breakouts that I did not handle correctly. Because of that even though my skin tone was evening out, and I was experiencing fewer breakouts I still had the visual reminder left behind of the damage back acne was causing. I couldn’t figure out what would be a possible good route to go exfoliation wise to remove dead skin and start to fade away dark spots left behind. I started looking into various body scrubs and their benefits, and decided to go with a coffee scrub. The coffee scrub I selected had a mix of essential oils as well (grape seed, coconut oil…etc). I used this coffee scrub once a week and it left my skin so soft, and smooth. But most importantly it was helping to fade the dark spots on my back away.

Photo May 16, 12 35 12 PM

Overall it is not an overnight process to get rid of the scars left behind and find a regimen to stick to that is effective. Though I still have a way to go before I am completely happy with how my back looks I’m happy to have a method that has it sort of under control. There are a few days that I get a random out break or two but the issue is much more under control than it has ever previously been. I plan on making a few minor tweaks to my skin care regimen for my face and my back that I hope I can keep up for the long haul in order to have the flawless skin I really desire. I will certainly keep you updated with results and changes, but overall I will stick to the cleansing, toning and exfoliating method that has got me this far!

Share any of your skin care regimens that you found have been most helpful/beneficial. You can also take our skin care poll below to let us know what you want/need help with the most when it comes to your skin care.


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