When it comes to skin care I have started to realize that less is more. Just like I have been figuring out how to adjust what I put on my hair, and put in my body it is also equally important to take not of what I put on my body as well. Eating clean, and using organic hair products mean nothing if I don’t pay close attention to the lotions, deodorants, face washes, scrubs and soaps I use.

I’ve been trying for the past few months to go completely chemical free in my skin care regimen (I’m struggling mostly with using chemical free deodorant). Now when I look for skin care products, lines, and brands I immediately flip the container over to check the ingredient label. Why? Because I want to make sure it doesn’t  contain any of the definite HELL NO ingredients on my list. I also want to see if it has the ingredients that are actually crucial/important in creating a glowing complexion and keeping my skin as healthy as possible.

In doing my hands on research I realize there are 5 key important ingredients that I have to have in my skin care regimen.

5 Most Important Ingredients In Your Skin Care Regimen

  1. Shea Butter: Shea Butter is a crucial part of your skin care regimen because Shea Butter has so many benefits. Shea Butter provides the skin with SPF protection (about SPF10 so you’ll still need something extra), and contains Vitamins A, F, and E.
    ingredients in your skin care regimen
    {Benefits Of Shea Butter On Your Skin Care Regimen}
  2. Coffee: Weird I know… but this goes more with my face scrub requirements. And if I cant have my coffee grains I usually settle for a sugar or salt alternative. Coffee is an incredible natural exfoliant, that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It temporarily helps to minimize the appearance of cellulite, reduces puffiness/inflation and aids in getting rid of dry/patchy skin. It works miracles during the dry winter months where our skin craves moisture.
  3. Almond Oil: I’ve been using almond oil in my hair care regimen for almost a year, but just recently started adding it to my DIY skin care regimen. When purchasing skin care products it is still important to look for almond oil or sweet almond oil to be listed as an ingredient. Almond Oil has anti aging properties, relieves muscle pain, and contains tons of vitamins that help tone and moisturize dry skin. For more on almond oil check out our previous write up on the top 5 benefits of Almond oil here!
  4. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has about a million different purposes and benefits in your entire life so it is only natural/obvious that it would be a heavy hitter in the ingredient category for skin care products. If your skin care regimen includes coconut oil as a staple ingredient you are on the right track to having flawless evenly toned skin. Coconut oil is a moisturizing oil that penetrates the skin and starts working its magic under neath the surface.
  5. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is beneficial to your skin for several reasons. Aloe carries a large amount of vitamins and minerals such as A,F,E, folic acid, and amino acids. These are all very valuable to the skin and help with regeneration and moisture.

ingredients in your skin care regimen When choosing a skin care line/product to use you want to make sure that they have atleast one or more of the five heavy hitters mentioned above to give your skin a fighting chance at being flawless. It just so happens that Skin Deep Natural Body Care has products that contain just about all of these ingredients in one way or the other. What I love most is that they do not have any ingredients involved that I can not pronounce… thats usually a RED FLAG and big no no for me! If you are looking for a quick gifting idea, or a new skin care brand I recommend taking a look at Skin Deep Natural Body Care. You can also get a discount using code: TNT15

What is the most important ingredient for you in your skin care regimen? Share your thoughts/comments below!

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