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I know I know I know… this sounds like I’m old school and complaining but trust me your skin and your wallets will thank me for it. I usually don’t fall for social media marketing. For the most part I’ve been able to avoid most of the Instagram trends. From the teeth whitening kits, waist trainers, detox teas, and that stupid ass string bra, I mostly watch the trends in amazement at how far they’ve gotten and how much money they’ve made. However the social media marketing bug got me one good time with these Instagram Blackhead removal peel of masks that have been everywhere.

If you haven’t seen them… you’re pretty much not on social media. Most of the various brands that have popped up boast to be able to remove blackheads from your skin and decrease the size of your pores. Most focus on highlhging that they use activated charcoal in their product, while others just seem to be riding the coattails of those who are actually trying to start a business in the beauty industry.

But… as we know that everything on social media that glitters is certainly not gold. The Instagram Blackhead removal peel off mask… is a major dub!

Instagram Blackhead Removal Peel

Why you shouldn’t use the Instagram Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask

So I ordered my mask from Amazon because I couldn’t find the posts on Instagram when I needed them (go figure). I bought the Vena Beauty version of the mask. I was super excited and followed all of the directions. You are directed to wash your face, and use a warm towel or steam to open up your pores. I placed a warm towel on my face for 3 minutes and then steamed it with my handheld Q-Redew steamer for good measure.

Once I was ready to slather on the mask I just poured it onto my hands. Didn’t use a fancy brush, and didn’t really struggle to rinse if off of my hands once I was done applying. I avoided my eyebrows as suggested. I also didn’t apply above my lip area and the center of my eyebrows. I applied a thick layer of the product as instructed and waited 20 minutes for it to harden.

Instagram Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask

You can see the joy in my face, while my dog was thoroughly unimpressed. Fast forward 20 minutes the mask was completely dry and I started the process of removing the mask. And here’s what I was left with once the mask was fully removed:

The picture above was about 5 minutes after the mask was fully removed. Now I know I know… you’re always supposed to do a spot test (which the container does say) so I take full blame for not heading their advice. My face was red, swollen and in pain. I have a high tolerance for pain, so removing the mask wasn’t as traumatizing as others have made it seem. However… what was traumatic was the after effects. To add even more insult to injury, the mask itself did not have any blackheads on it. I didn’t even see hairs that most people have stated were ripped off of their face.

Instagram Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask
1 Hour after mask removal

I immediately texted my friend to ask if she had the same results after she removed her mask and she told me she didn’t. So I was freaking out, because I had a huge social engagement the following day and did not want to walk around looking like a tomato. I know these results may not occur to everyone but for me they did. The next morning the swelling and redness did go down, but my face still felt sore/tender to the touch.

So why am I telling you not to use the Instagram Blackhead Removal Peel off mask? Well it goes beyond just my irritated and swollen face. These masks are also likely destroying your skin even if it appears that it is “removing” blackheads. Because the mask is so strong/ difficult to remove in most cases what ends up happening is your removing skin cells from the outer layer of the skin on your face. So yes your skin may be super soft, but that is because you’ve essentially ripped off the first layer of your skin.

The natural oils of your face are also removed because of the harsh extreme exfoliation the mask causes. These oils (though some people hate) do serve a purpose and help to keep your skin healthy. When you remove these natural oils you’re opening your face up to harmful micro organisms (gross). It will take about 30 days for your skin to repair itself and give you back that full layer of protection you’ve removed. However if you continuously use that face mask (I know people use it once a week) you are doing way way way more damage than good to your face.

FINAL TAKEAWAY: This mask is a no go for me. Personally I realize I was jumping onto a trend for the sake of a magical miracle promise. Fail on my part! My pores aren’t necessarily large at all, and I don’t have a flock of blackheads on my face. So this product really isn’t meant to be marketed for me. It’s important that we remember and remind ourselves that perfection is not possible. I was being picky about my face when in reality my skin is in pretty good shape. In using this mask I was actually negating all of the hard work I’ve done to make sure my skin is happy and healthy. I don’t recommend using these masks, but if you do (do at your own risk) I suggest using gentle cleansers, and rehydrating moisturizers with Hylauronic Acid.