reasons your skin won't clear up

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 I have been dealing with adult acne… well since I’ve become an adult. If you’re like me you are probably dealing with or facing one or all of these 3 simple reasons your skin won’t clear up. I’ve also had acne issues during my adolescence, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see those creepy pesky pimples pop up when I definitely did not want to see them. Worst of all it is not just my face, I’m also facing back acne as well, so it is quite an uphill climb. Good skin care requires patience and consistency. While I haven’t mastered either of those I have been doing much better the past few weeks (okay the past three weeks) and I’ve been seeing great results. I’ve stuck to a set day time and night time routine, and stopped picking at my face like I used to. I’ll be sharing more on my regimen at the end of the month but for a sneak peak you can look into Paula’s Choice ‘s skin care line (that’s my skin care BAE for this month). You can get 20% + free shipping on your orders from now to May 31st!

Back to the topic at hand! Yes so my adult acne seems to be falling in line and getting under control but there are 3 simple reasons that often get over looked as to why your skin just refuses to clear up.

3 Simple Reasons Your Skin Wont Clear Up

1. Overworking Your Skin: I’ve done this so many times even though I know better. Overworking your skin falls into a few different behaviors. Over cleansing, over toning or over exfoliating your skin can cause more damage than good. You think you’re doing a good thing but you’re really over drying or over stimulating your skin causing it to produce more oil which leads to acne. Make sure you are not cleansing or toning more than twice a day, and exfoliating 1-2 times a week as needed. You also want to pay attention to the particular products you are using to cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate as the can be a cause of the acne you are experiencing as well. Check the ingredient label to make sure it does not have silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and sulfates which are key culprits/ players in destroying your beautiful skin.

 2. Your Diet: This isn’t a secret at all !We all know you are what you eat! However we tend to “forget” or overlook this fact. What we eat comes out twice as bad on our face. It is best to have a health balanced diet to see your skin benefit the most. Your hair and skin will thank you for adding nutrient rich foods or superfoods to your diet. Try to have fruits and veggies every single day.

3. Stress + Lack Of Sleep: This is the killer for my skin and I cant do too much about it. Your lifestyle affects your skin. So if you are up late night studying, working, partying … you are ruining your skin without you even realizing it. It is hard to stick to a sleep schedule when life gets so hectic, but getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night will do wonders for your skin. Trust me, I’m currently battling dark circles from all the hours in front of the computer screen. Stress can be hard to manage but it is important you take some time out for yourself. Whether you go for a run, do a yoga class, meditate, or watch a television show, you need to get your mind off of the stresses so your skin can benefit the most!

Do you fall victim to any of these 3 reasons? If so how do you plan on stopping to get your skin right for the summer time glow up?