Sometimes your skin needs a re-boost and you may not have the time or the cash to go get a professional facial at a spa. Here are some easy steps to completing an at home full fledged facial experience.

jj-2055_1z1. Cleanse: This is the easy step that we usually do on a daily basis. Using your favorite cleanser (mine is currently the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Cleanser). Use warm water to rinse off the cleanser after you have thoroughly massaged it onto your face. This will help remove surface dirt, and makeup.

e87590334cf1cf8fc53ba2e4782194992. Exfoliation: I currently use the Shea Moisture Black Soap Exfoliating scrub as my exfoliant. I only exfoliate once a week to provide harsh over drying of my skin. This occurs much more frequently during the winter months and as a New York native… that will be soon. Choose your exfoliant wisely as you want to just remove the dirt below the surface as well as any blackheads, without being too rough on your skin. I’ve tried some exfoliators that have been way too harsh.

3. Steam: My favorite and most relaxing part of a facial. The steam can be applied during the exfoliating process or directly after depending on how you’ve chosen to exfoliate. The steam is a useful and beneficial step that loosens any blockage on the skin, and promotes sweating out any impurities that may be stuck in your pores. There are several ways to steam the face at home. You can use a warm towel, or place your face over a boiling pot, or sink filled with hot water. I use my Q-Redew Natural Hair Steamer to steam my face for 5-7 minutes.

4. Extraction or Massage: I prefer never to extract my own blackheads or white heads ( I leave that to the professionals) but if you choose to extract yourself it is important to use a stainless steel extraction tool. Wrapping your fingers in cotton is another gentle way to extract with out causing too much tension and pressure. I choose to skip right into the massage step and gently massage my skin for another 3-4 minutes to promote stimulation and lubrication of the skin. I use coconut oil to massage my skin (also use it for my hair as well).

145291025. Mask: This step takes the most time (I try not to use a mask more than once a week… you shouldn’t be giving yourself a facial too often either). I use the Shea Moisture Black Soap Mask for this step. You should use a mask that fits your skin needs. I have combination skin and have areas that are super oily and super dry, therefore it is difficult to find a mask that doesn’t dry out certain areas. The Shea Moisture mask seems to be doing the trick for now.

6. Moisturizing Serum: Moisturizing is important after a facial because your skin has just gone through a process that requires remoisturization. Again this is all based on your skin type and its needs. The serum I use has salicylic acid to help prevent pimples from popping up. I use this moisturizer twice a day (morning and before bed) Therefore it is a vital step to finishing off my facial.

Below I have how I use the Q-Redew for my steaming needs (at about the 2 minute mark) What tools and products do you use to take care of your skin needs at home?