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skin care products for the broke millennial

Money management is hard when you have Sallie Mae on your back, and rent breathing down your neck. It seems like everyone on Instagram makes it look so easy. And while stunting for the ‘gram is a constant job in itself, you and I both know that “aint nobody got time for that”. As a “successful” blogger everyone expects you to keep up with the Joneses and maintain appearances.

At that… I have to laugh. Because the reality is this blogging thing is a part time side hustle, and my teacher budget and very real student loans do not allow for ballin’ out of control by any means. I’m very frugal, and while Instagram may make it seem like your face will fall off without the latest high end skin care product… I’m here to tell you that is not the case. Of course taking care of your skin should be a priority, you want to put your best face forward. There are two things I try not to be too tight fisted with. That is food, and skin care products. I know that quality in what I eat and what I put on my skin is necessary in maintaining my health. However quality doesn’t always have to come with a huge price tag. There are many drug store brands that have effectively kept my skin on fleek and I have come to you today to bring you that list. (you’re welcome)

So here for your viewing pleasure are skin care products for the broke millennial. These products are products I have tried myself, love and don’t feel immediate regret after I swipe my debit card at the counter.

Skin Care Products For The Broke Millennial

1. Freeman Beauty: I’m a big fan of their masks that often times double as exfoliating cleansers. I’ve tried their Apple Cider Vinegar clay mask and most recently their Charcoal and Sugar Black Polish mask. This brand is readily available in just about every beauty supply store I visit, and I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted it in my local Walgreens as well. So not only is it affordable but it can be purchased online or in a storefront for convenience. That is a 2 for 1 win for me!

2. Mario Badescu: All the beauty gurus on Instagram and Youtube rant and rave about the Mario Badescu skin care line and with good reason.  If their facial spray is anything like the rest of their line than it is worth it. And by worth I mean fiscally responsible. I’ve only used the facial spray as a toner/mid day refresher during the summer. I’ve also seen/heard that people use it as a setting spray which I totally can see why. (In case you want to ditch your 40.00 Urban decay setting spray- side eye).

3. Queen Helene: This brand has been my go to since my early college days of battling off acne one pimple at a time all while making 7.25 an hour. So I know Queen Helene works and is right up my fiscally conservative alley. I haven’t run into a single product from this line that I have not liked. When they changed their packaging a few years ago I was terrified that they also changed the formulas to some of my faves like the Mint Julep mask and Mud Pack masque. But thankfully they did not. If you are looking for affordability in facial masks this is the line for you. And you can literally fine Queen Helene everywhere!

4. Thayers Original Witch Hazel: My former work mom is sixty years old and has amazing skin. Like I know black don’t crack and what not… but she is truly killing the game. So I asked her what was her secret and she told me straight up she uses a simple skin care regimen which includes alcohol free witch hazel as her toner. From that moment (over two years ago) I have been using witch hazel as a staple in my skin care regimen and have been very pleased. It helps get rid of pesky pimples when they pop up, and witch hazel has also helped me greatly with getting rid of annoying painful ingrown hairs. Do yourself a favor get you some (but make sure it is alcohol free)

5. Burts BeesI love love love Burts Bees. So much so that I also use their pet line for my dog. Burts Bees is 99% organic/ natural which makes it the perfect skin care product line for sensitive/ combination skin. My absolute favorite product in their line up is the Soap Bark and Chamomile deep cleansing cream because it is gentle and effective BUT leaves your face leaving minty cool and refreshed after. The first time I used this cleanser I was so shocked and excited (the little things make me happy guys!).

6. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay This clay is a 2 for 1 special. You can use it for your skin has a facial mask to dry up/ get rid of annoying pimples, but you can also use it to cleanse your hair! I have a huge jar that I bought for 11 dollars on Amazon and it has lasted me almost an entire year! So you definitely get your money’s worth. Only thing to remember when using this product: Do not use it with any metal objects. Stick to wooden utensils and ceramic plates.

7. Cetaphil: Cetaphil was one of the first brands I used when I realized that I had sensitive combination skin that was being aggravated by harsher products. It is also conveniently located every single place you can think of. I like that Cetpahil also has body products/ moisturizers because having sensitive skin on my face I also have very acne prone skin every where else (rolls eyes). So this has absolutely been a staple in the shower as well as for my face. I usually rotate between the Cetaphil and Burts Bees cleansers to keep my skin guessing but always well taken care of.

8. CeraVe: I always consider CeraVe to be Cetaphil’s step brother, but in all honesty they are not related. I use CeraVe whenever I cant find/locae Cetaphil or whenever I’m having huge skin flair ups on my body. So during the winter and summer particularly my back acne gets annoying (especially in the summer) so the acne specific line in CeraVe helps to tame the ridiculousness that is my skin and all within my budget.

9. Simple: I use simple all the time to help remove my makeup. When I say gentle.. I mean gentle but don’t confuse that with ineffective. I use Simple face wipes because I can see the makeup coming right off my skin without leaving it dry afterwards. It’s the perfect happy medium before I use a gentle facial cleanser to help remove the rest of the gunk left behind.

10. Biore : This is my new fave skin care line to play around with. Particualry their charcoal face wash because when I tell you it clears your pores… it CLEANS them out! I tried this line because one of my friends was ranting about it non stop and I had to get my hands on it because her skin looked flawless. A few weeks later… I too can say the same! Besides the facial wash they also have charcoal mask in the same line which I haven’t tried yet but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on.

What is your fave affordable skin care staple? Share below so I can steal all your beauty secrets too!!