Exfoliation is a key player in a healthy skin care regimen and has been one of the major steps I started taking that helped alleviate alot of my back acne issues. I started initially with a coffee scrub and when I ran out I didn’t want to DIY or spend big bucks on a scrub. It was then I started turning to a different type of main ingredient in my body scrubs and that was salt. Then I was introduced to a whole new world of ideas that came along with sugar instead of salt. So I was confused by all of the options of course and I decided to do a bit more research to the benefits of both. Whenever I learn something new I must share with you so I’ve decided to compare the two body scrubs for you to make your skin care choices a bit easier than mine were.

Sugar Vs Salt Body Scrub: Which Is Best For Your Skin?

For starters both are great exfoliators that scrub off dead skin, help rejuvenate skin cells and hydrate your skin. But they each have different means and methods of doing so. Different skin conditions and characteristics require a different means of help.

Salt Scrubs

  • Salt scrubs contain sea salts (most of the time) which help to purify and unclog pores. Thus being able to remove any toxins on the skin.
  • Salt scrubs are usually more abrasive because of the sharp edges form the salt
  • Salt scrubs also often contain minerals (depending on where they are from) that reduce inflation and promote circulation.
  • General detoxifier of the skin and a great muscle relaxant
  • Best if used when you have dry, rough, calloused skin (elbows, knees, ankles, heels of your feet…etc)
  • You will need to moisturize heavily after using a salt scrub to replenish the skin’s moisture.
  • Do not use if you have cuts, scrapes, wounds…etc. I made the mistake of using a salt scrub after I shaved … big mistake. It will sting/burn so shave after… or scrub on another day!

Sugar Scrubs

  • Rounder granules so it is much gentler and better to use if you have sensitive skin
  • Best scrub / only scrub you should use for your face (salt scrubs are way to harsh and abrasive)
  • Lack mineral benefits but are also less drying than a salt scrub
  • The nutrient properties present in sugar help to protect skin against harmful toxins
  • Sugar scrubs are strong moisturizers and conditioners due to the acid present
  • Sugar scrubs that contain unrefined sugar cane also contain minerals that will help replenish and feed your skin. (calcium, magnesium…etc)

So there you have it depending on your skin needs and skin type either will be beneficial to you as an exfoliate. Salt scrubs should be used once a week since they are little harsher, and sugar scrubs can be used 2-3 times a week (you want to listen to your skins reactions when exfoliating regularly). I personally have both in my home depending on what type of scrub down I’m in the mood for. Having both or making both can be a great dynamic duo in your skin care regimen. For those that are not big on DIY Amazon has some amazing pre made scrubs whether you want a salt scrub  or a sugar scrub they’ve got you covered. You can also find them in your local beauty supply stores, drug stores, …etc.

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