So as you all know if you’ve been following along for the past few weeks I’m on a mission to have clearer, healthier skin. I battled acne all over while I was going through adolescence mostly during my high school years. As I entered college I had less skin problems on my face but was still dealing with that God awful “backne”. No matter what I did or tried I couldn’t get rid of its presence. It was most difficult in the summer time when we want to wear those spaghetti strap tops, bathing suits, or backless fancy dresses.  I was embarrassed and felt like I’d be dealing with this problem forever. Especially because it seemed to get worse in the hotter months which is when I’d want to have my back on display the most.


15 Ways To Get Clear Skin

I attended a natural hair event a few weeks ago thrown by Super Naturals Bk. At the event I received a goody bag that contained the Shea Moisture line’s Black African Soap Shampoo and  Black African Soap with Shea Butter bar. I wasn’t familiar with black soap or the Shea Moisture black line. I’ve seen it in my local beauty supply store but never paid it too much attention and just stuck with the pink and brown lines instead. Though I haven’t dabbled into the shampoo as of yet I am extremely impressed with the bar soap.

I was hesitant to use the soap at first because I haven’t used bar soap in ages. I prefer to use body washes for showers (I’ve even tried the Neutrogena body wash to help with my “backne” situation and it did absolutely NOTHING to help). The label on the soap says it is for acne prone and troubled skin. It also contains shea butter (a new fave of mine and you can read why here) and the creators recommend using it twice a day.  Though I’ve only been using it for about 3 weeks I can already SEE a major difference in my skin. I’ve also had no new little annoying bumps pop up on my back since I’ve started using it. I’m hoping with the continuous use of this product as well as minor lifestyle changes I’ll be able to rid myself of this annoying “backne” for good! Shea Moisture does have a body wash with the same formula that I may dabble into but I’m thinking “if it aint broke dont fix it” and sticking to the bar soap. I am also going to get a second bar to use for my face regimen that I am still tweaking to get just right.

benefits of african black soap

Top 6 Benefits Of African Black Soap

I haven’t used any other African Black Soap from other brands but here’s why black soap is a very good idea to add to your skin care regimen:

1. GOOD INGREDIENTS:  First and foremost the key to a great product in your regimen is the ingredients. African Black Soap is chalk full of key ingredients that promote healthy looking skin. Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Plaintain Skins & Leaves, & of course Shea butter provide the necessary vitamins & minerals that keep the skin looking young, fresh, and healthy.

2. Skin Tone Improvement:  Like I mentioned earlier this soap has improved my skin tone all over since I use it in the shower. My legs, my arms, my back are all very evenly toned from just three weeks of use.  (That & the 3 liters of water I drink on a daily basis may have a little something to do with it). The soap helps to from and tone the skin because of the vitamins and minerals present in its ingredients.

3. Protects Against Pre-Mature Aging: Let’s be real serious… it doesn’t STOP aging! So read very carefully. Pre Mature Aging is the aging caused by our reckless behavior! (especially during our high school and college years) when were are not so good to our bodies. The use of African Black Soap sends Anti Oxidants into the skin which helps to prevent premature wrinkles and sagging skin.

4. Skin Discoloration Fading: My favorite property of this soap has to be this! Because of the “backne” that I’ve been facing my back has alot of discoloration from faded pimples that I’ve popped in anger! The soap isn’t an eraser I know that… but it most certainly is helping those black spots seem less black and noticeable when I throw on a bikini or spaghetti strapped dress.

5. Heals Problem Skin:  Black soap is a deep cleanser with antibacterial and anti fungal properties that penetrate through the skin pretty easily. In doing such it doesn’t get rid of the acne you already have but helps to prevent future breakouts from occurring since it is removing excess oil build up under the skin that causes breakouts in the  first place. Because of this amazing feature many people with eczema (raises hand) and psoriasis use it to help treat their problem skin as well.

 6. Alleviates Razor Bumps & In Grown Hairs: Black African Soap is a gentle exfoliant. When you use the bar or break it in half you will feel the graininess of it. This gentle exfoliation helps your skin glow but helps deal with the awful razor bumps and in grown hairs we face after shaving or getting waxed. In the past I’ve had to use the exfoliators I use on my face which I often found were too harsh or strong for sensitive bikini areas. So far so good with the use of the black soap I haven’t had any razor bumps or in grown hairs to battle.

If you haven’t tried African Black Soap I suggest you give it a try. It can be found in your local beauty supply shop or online as always! You don’t have to spend or fortune or even spend the extra coin on the Shea Moisture line that I’ve been experimenting with but African Black Soap is most certainly worth a try!

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5 Responses to Top 6 Benefits Of Using African Black Soap

  1. Thanks for all this great information on African black soap keep up the good work, let spread the magic of African black soap, we are African black soap exporter in Ghana we supply bulk wholesale prices.

  2. I’ve been having pimples on my face, chest and back ever since I was 15. This pimples are getting worse every year, sometimes I feel embarrassed when I’m in public, I need help to get rid of this pimples please. Any help at all.

    • Hi Anna,

      I recommend starting from within–as in change your diet. I used to have bad acne and I still have a little acne around my menstrual cycle. However, it has improved so so much. I was using so many different acne products, facial cleansers, creams, etc. and I realized that none of them were really working. I was tackling the problem from the outside, but that I needed to solve the problem from the inside out. I totally changed my diet. I cut out sweets, soda, processed foods/junk food (e.g. chips, microwave meals). (I used to love eating sweets on almost a daily basis-cupcakes, candy, cookies and junk food.) This past year, I’ve gone almost dairy free and I’ve reduced gluten containing food (e.g. pasta, cake, breads, etc.) and that has helped even more.

      I’m trying to drink more water and perhaps African black soap will also improve things even more.

      All the best to you!

  3. OMG! Reading your article and it’s like you’re describing my life! I went swimming yesterday and I made sure my back was covered coz of the ‘backne’ (so embarrassing) I’m so going to buy the soap today and start. Thank you for the information.

  4. I love the soap for my skin. My daughter introduce this product to over a year ago and been using it. That’s all I want to use, Thanks for a beautiful product and would love to learn more about the rest of your products.