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Yesterday I spoke about the benefits of shea butter to your skin care regimen, but that is not the end all be all when it comes to skin care. There are things you could be doing/ or not doing to help clear up any skin conditions that are causing your skin not to look its absolute best. Here are 15 sure fire ways to get clear skin or help bring you one step closer to clear beautiful healthy skin. 

ways to get clear skin

15 Ways To Get Clear Skin

1. Drink More Water: I’ve spoken about the importance of water to your healthier lifestyle previously but incase you missed it, water is a serious natural detox machine that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it’s simple to get on board. If you haven’t joined our 21 day Drink Up Water challenge sponsored by FunFitCa you don’t know what you’re missing. By upping your water to 2 liters a day (64oz) you will start to see clearer, smoother skin. Your complexion will thank you for it so drink up!

2. Get sleep: This is hard for me… but getting 8-10 hours of sleep could be the key to your skin troubles. Right now I’m averaging about 5-7 which isn’t terrible… but also isn’t great! Without sleep your skin can’t get rejuvenated properly, and it starts to wear on you physically. You will look more tired/drained, have bags under your eyes and notice more breakouts frequently.

3. Clean Up Your Eating Habits: This one is a no brainer. Your skin is a representation of everything you put inside of your body. You are what you eat and your eating habits will certainly show on your face/body. Try removing large amounts of salt, sugar and dairy from your diet and you will start to notice a major difference. These things are all fine in moderation but with summer just around the corner it may be difficult to turn down that burger and go for the salad… but your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

4. Exercise: I try to work out 4-6 times a week… yes because I want to have amazing abs… but most importantly because I want to keep my skin/body active. Exercising helps keep your skin toned , promotes circulation which keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant. So take that extra walk/run/jog around the block and couple it with some HIIT weight training or yoga a few times a week to see great results. Plus the extra sweaty moments help to flush out toxins that can cause acne issues as well.

5. Relax: Stress is an obvious cause of acne that may be very difficult to control at certain times but its always best to make an effort to do so. You should give meditation a try whenever possible and it doesnt have to be for long periods of time. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to resettle and center yourself and your thoughts can make all the difference between a face filled with stressed caused acne or a clear face.

6.Hormone deficiencies: This one is tough! Sometimes you can’t help being hormone deficient due to certain illnesses (like with my PCOS) therefore you have to consistently be on top of your health care issues and make sure your hormones are as balanced as you can get them. Taking supplements (speak to your doctor first) can help with this issue greatly. I myself take a multi vitamin, as well as other supplemental vitamins that I may be lacking or don’t get enough of due to my diet or my PCOS. In doing so I am able to keep away most acne issues (though I do have random breakouts from time to time).

7. Stop Touching Your Face: Your hands are dirty most of the time during the day. Keep your hands off of your face (easier said than done) and you’ll notice less breakouts. We do this unintentionally but we are causing the germs/dirt from our hands to rest on our face and clog our pores. If you do it absentmindedly from time to time don’t fret but try to be aware of where your hands are when you aren’t paying attention.

8. Ignore The mirror: I find that I make my acne situation worse when I am constantly in front of the mirror. And the truth of the matter is…. what you think is terrible most people don’t even notice. Don’t stand in front of the mirror picking at your face because you are making the problem worse and causing a self esteem issue that just isn’t necessary. Instead worry about taking your supplements, cleansing and moisturizing your face as well as a proper night time regimen.

9. Supplements: Like I stated previously sometimes our health betrays us and causes a hormonal imbalance. By taking certain supplements you can help your hormonal issues and help your skin glow. Vitamin C is a great supplement to take not only for your immune system but to assist in your hair staying as clear as possible. Vitamin D is also a great vitamin to take in order to not only help with bone strength but with clearing up your acne issues.

10. Wash Your Face: This is a given. You should wash your face twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed) with a gentle yet effective cleanser that fits your skin care needs. I have combination skin that I use sensitive products for. These products tackle my oily areas while taking it gentle on my dry patches. This way I get one overall toned appearance rather than globs of oily spots and dry patches. Choose your cleanser wisely it is the basis of your skin care regimen.

11. Change your Pillowcase: I do this each and every Sunday like clockwork and so should you (you can pick any day you want obviously)! You have to change your pillow cases often because that is what your face is resting on for 5-10 hours a night! Having dirt pillowcases is a breeding ground for your face to pick up dirty and germs and break out. You have no idea the amount of dirt than can wind up on your pillowcase and you definitely don’t want that on your face.

12. Moisturize: Don’t just wash and tone without the final vital step of your 3 part skin care regimen. Moisturizing (both day and night) helps with your skins elasticity and prevents dryness which can cause breakouts. It also helps give your skin that final glow. Your day time moisturizer should have some form of SPF on it without being too heavy so it doesn’t clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. Night time moisturizers can be a bit heavier but should penetrate your skin over night to have you looking refreshed and amazing in the AM.

13. Exfoliate: You should be exfoliating 1-2xs a week depending on your skin care needs (don’t over do it with the exfoliating because that can I actually cause more breakouts) Just like with your cleanser and moisturizer you want to choose your exfoliator wisely. I am an exfoliator queen and I have tried almost every exfoliating product on the market. I find that products that are gentle exfoliants work best for my combination skin, as the more abrasive and harsh products left my face raw and patchy which caused more breakouts than I wanted to ever see!

14. Exercise your face: You exercise your body you should exercise your face. I do this step twice a day during my moisturizing session and it takes me about 30 seconds to 1 minute. (it does not have to be time consuming at all). While moisturizing I rub my face in small circular motions (never up and down… causes wrinkles ladies!) and get the blood flowing on my face. I also do the same when moisturizing the rest of my body. This promotes blood flow which aids in healthy glowing skin.

15. Examine Your Products: The most important part of your skin care regimen is what you include. IF you notice you are breaking out badly it may be a product with certain ingredients causing this to happen. As I move further and further away from products with chemicals in them I find that my face is thankful every step of the way. The rest of my body as well. Check the ingredients and make sure that they are effectively helping you put your best face forward!

What steps have you taken to improve your overall skin care regimen? Share your thoughts/answers below!*

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