If a sexy summer body is not enough motivation for you (because it isn’t always for me) then I’ve got you covered with 10 more songs to get you motivated in the gym. My first list was more so focused on pushing you through running and cardio (because cardio is the necessary devil) while this list focuses more on getting you through an intense work out, a workout you didn’t want to do or a HIIT workout.

I’ve always been a cardio junky… not my choice but because I love running and it’s always been an easy way for me to maintain or lower my weight. Now that I’ve finally stuck to a routine and a gym membership (almost 6 months… yay me) I’ve added more weight training and HIIT strength training (also… devilish). This has helped me pursue my toning goals but hasn’t done too much of a wonder for my weight (though I haven’t increased… I also haven’t lost any weight either).

Looking more toned is always a blessing/gift in a swim suit, maxi dress or pair of short shorts so I really can’t complain that the scale isn’t moving the direction that I’d like. As long as I am healthy and like what I see in the mirror… I don’t sweat it too much. But HIIT and frequent visits in the gym can become daunting and tiring. So much so that you want to skip a day or two or three… but this playlist keeps you motivated and pushes you through even when you want to call it quits.

Check out the list below and leave your favorite workout songs in the comments for us to add to our next list!


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10 More Songs To Get You Motivated In The Gym

songs to get you motivated in the gym

1. Unforgettable- French Montana ft Swae Lee

2. I’m The One- Dj Khaled ft Justin Bieber,  Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

3. I Spy- KYLE ft. Lil Yachty

4. Shining- Dj Khaled ft Beyonce & Jay Z

5. Still Got Time- Zayn ft. Party Next Door

6. Run Up- Major Lazer ft. Party Next Door & Nicki Minaj

7. Shape Of You- Ed Sheeran

8. Finish Line- Chance The Rapper

9. Madiba Riddim- Drake

10. 24K Magic- Bruno Mars