We’ve reviewed Teami Blends Detox Tea before and gave you the run down on the truth behind detox teas. So its only right that I give you a detox update to let you know how I’ve been doing with the on and off again detox regimen.

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Teami Blends Detox Review

Team Iblends Detox Tea Review

The first time I was introduced to Teami Blends tea back in April, it was the first time I had ever drank such strong cleansing tea. I wasn’t used to what it would do to my body, and I got pretty scared. So I chickened out and didn’t finish the 30 day regimen. I left it up to Shakira to complete because she was more familiar with the process of detoxing by using a tea. When I got the chance to try Teami Blends 30 Day detox again back in September I was excited (and still a little nervous) but knew I’d stick it all the way out because of the weight gain from the summer  I was trying to get rid of.

So what was different the second (and third time- just completed another 30 day round) from the first? I knew/understood the detox tea process better this time around and incorporated it into my daily schedule. But before I dive into that, let me give a brief over view of Team iBlends as a whole.

team iblends detox tea review Overview: Teami Blends is not just a detox tea company, which I really appreciate. They offer various loose leaf teas to help boost your immune system, increase energy and your metabolism. I appreciate a company that focuses on overall holistic wellness as opposed to just simply detoxing and weight loss. They also have the cutest tumblers and tea infusers I’ve ever seen!

Their 30 day detox cleanse is their best seller (with good reason) and I’ve completed two rounds (I don’t count the first time back in April) of this cleanse in 2015. Once in September and once in November. Both times I must admit I wasn’t eating as healthily as I’d have liked to, and didn’t have the opportunity to run/work out as much as I was in the Spring/Summer.

team iblends Detox Tea Review

How The Tea Works: There are two teas that are apart of the detox cleanse. Teami Skinny which you are  supposed to drink every day for the entire 30 day process in the morning. The second part to the cleanse is Teami Colon which you drink every other day at night before bed, starting on the second day of the cleanse. In order for me to follow this process I had to drink the teami Colon tea at around 3-4pm. This is because I work in the morning and can’t afford to be running back and forth to the bathroom. Just a warning this Colon tea is very strong and it will clean you out! By drinking the tea a little earlier than recommended I was able to securely make it to work and have a normal work day without any crazy accidents. (trust me it almost happened the first time I tried the cleanse back in April).

PROS: This cleanse does make you feel extremely light/clean even if you aren’t necessarily eating as well as you’d like. I was able to stay at an even weight even though I was eating a little recklessly and not working out as much. My skin flourished, and my digestive system was in tip top working shape. This tea is also tasty (both the Skinny Tea and Colon Tea). I drink them both without adding any honey, lemon or sugar though they do recommend adding honey or lemon to alter the flavor if you’d like. I like the boost of energy that Teami Skinny provides in the day time while curbing my appetite. This tea has quite literally helped me get through some long term running during my half marathon preparation.

CONS: This tea is STRONG and you need to plan accordingly to benefit your digestive system and your schedule. The first few times you take the Colon tea you may experience cramping (I know I always do each time I start back up).

The Results: I know I know you’re wondering how can I do a review without posting results. Don’t worry I won’t keep you hanging for much longer. The two times I completed this cleanse, I was able to keep my weight balanced and even. However I didn’t see too much change in my body as these detox teas mostly tackle water weight and bloating. They don’t actually really make you lose weight unless you are eating right and working out regularly. That is why I recommend doing a 30day Detox if you are fully committed to working out and changing your eating habits. In doing so you’ll see your best results, as Teami will act as an extra kick in the pants in your fitness journey. Below I have images from day 1 vs day 30.

teami blends detox reviewteami blends detox review









teami blends detox reviewteami blends detox review

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