One of the most important things to a losing weight is a healthy digestive system. Based on this fact, recently a lot of companies have been selling teatoxes and various tea cleanses. One of the more popular and effective tea brands is Teami. The Teami system uses two different teas: one in the morning and one every other night. The teatox which I am reviewing is the 30 tea detox which retails for $49.95. (you can get a discount on this tea using by heading there now through our special link) As I was drinking this tea there was not much of a change to my diet, the most prominent change was including the tea in my daily regimen.

Before and After 30 day Detox


All of my cons come from the Colon tea, which is the night time tea. This tea is not for the faint of heart. This tea will have you in the bathroom 5 times or more in the next day following you drinking it. So please ensure you are in a place where you are comfortable and capable of using the bathroom repeatedly. Now lucky this tea is not going to give you uncontrollable diarrhea, you just essentially feel like you have to go to the bathroom, not like its going to happen any second now. Also make sure not to diffuse the tea for longer than instructed, sometimes that can lead to craps.


The tea is really tasty, even unsweetened. I also quite enjoyed using my yellowleaf tea diffuser. The tea is great for reducing bloat and really giving you a great energy boost. The tea is also not a heavy inconvenience for pretty god results. One of the great benefits of the tea, which I wasn’t expecting, was my face clearing up a lot. I was having some breakouts and the tea pretty much alleviated that. Any pimples that I did get, cleared up much faster than they normally would.

Overall I would recommend trying this product! This tea is super cleansing, and you really fell fully cleansed. I definitely plan on using this product again!

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FTC: I received this tea for review purposes. I did not receive compensation however this post contains affiliate links. My thoughts and opinions are my own.