Summer bodies are not built in the summer, they are built/cultivated in the winter months! But who really wants to think about all of that when there is snow on the floor and the temperature is below 0? That’s why we’re here! We’re bringing you the TNT 20 week summer ready challenge to help you stay motivated, keep your fitness and health in mind over the next few months. We will be with you along the ride from beginning to end, sharing our struggles, triumphs, setbacks, and successes. And guess what… you get to share yours too! With a huge audience of over 50 thousand people you will NOT be alone in taking the first step, or one of many steps towards a better, healthier version of yourself.

So what does this mean? Endless workout sessions, starvation, unhappiness Uh… no… I’m def not the type to be miserable while trying to be happier and healthier.  Yes it is going to take a bit of work, discipline, and proper scheduling but it is not impossible and it will not be torture (well not the whole time). Last year I gave up all forms of refined sugar for 40 days and had to completely revamp the way I lived life. It was a bit difficult and annoying at first however I saw great results and success in a short amount of time, that also helped change the way I continued to live/eat. And with very little exercise I was able to lose 8lbs and 2 inches off of my waist.

During this 20 week process I can’t promise the same results, or any results really as I am no professional. However what I can promise is motivation, support, loads of ideas and options for eating/meal planning, as well as exercise tips & tricks. As Shakira and I share our very different experiences and tips (she’s more disciplined than I am so that may be better for some who need more restriction) we will be sharing/providing the following:

1. Our detoxing schedules to prepare & cleanse

2.  Meal Plans/ Grocery Shopping Lists We’ll be following

3. Exercise Schedules/ Different Workouts

4. Recipes for healthier alternatives

5. Monthly check ins/support.  – this part is going to be our/and your favorite !! Checking in monthly to share your progress will not only set you up with a great support system, but also you’ll be in the loop for our big finale/surprise!!

We can’t wait to get started with you!

STEP 1: Sign up is easy and quick! By signing up below (or clicking here)  you will get the welcome email with the first month’s requirements/activities/ shopping lists and much more.
Sign up begins today but the actual challenge doesnt start until next Monday! This way you have a full week to get your mind right and your groceries (we suggest purging the bad stuff to help with the transition into a summer ready mentality)

STEP 2: Once you’ve signed up and received the welcome email repost the challenge graphic using hashtag: #TNTSummerReady and share your struggles/ strides/ successes/ or difficulties using the same hashtag! This is what will start building the connection between all of us on the challenge and let other participants stay in the know!

STEP 3: Our first monthly check in will be March 2nd!! So take loads of pics to track your progress and share with the summer ready challenge community.

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One Response to TNT 20 Week Summer Ready Challenge #TNTSummerReady

  1. You are so right about summer bodies not being built in the summer. I’m on day 10 of cultivating my summer body. My Babe and I have been doing the Insanity workout and I will return to running in the Spring.

    Thanks for the extra tips. #blmgirls