If you’ve been following along you know that I’ve recently transitioned from my Jawbone Upband to my Fitbit Charge. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you I have issues letting go of things especially technology, and though I’ve had my Fitbit for about two weeks… I’ve still been simultaneously wearing my Upband as well. This has allowed me to have a side by side comparison of the two bands to bring you an honest review of each band’s pros and cons.

Jawbone Upband vs Fitbit Fitness Tracker

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.hdfb1e43d0b1a45bb7247e6d361e4d026.packFitbit has been around for a few years now and has created several variations of their fitness trackers as well as some pretty fancy scales I must say. The Fitbit that I purchased was the Fitbit charge (a notch below the Fitbit HR). This particular fitness tracker


  • Visual Tracker so you can see your steps, the time, calories burned…etc right not he actual tracker without having to connect to the app
  • Easy to use app that provides motivation, opportunities for challenges with your friends and tracks your fitness over time
  • Strong/sturdy/solid design. I’ve heard terrible things about the original Fitbit’s with pieces falling out and rendering the band useless. However the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge have all had a serious upgrade in which the design is durable and sturdy for intense outdoor activities.


  • Quite a bit larger than the what I’m used to/ accustomed having as a fitness tracker on my wrist constantly. Can get in the way at times. I’ve also heard rumors of the “Fitbit rash” that can occur because of the size and the “water” or sweat that can get caught up under the band on your skin. Yuck! Best way to avoid this is obviously to remove the band from time to time!!
  • Tracking seems to be a bit off at times in comparison to the miles that I’ve run vs. what the tracker has counted.
  • Battery Life: The band states it lasts 7 days but after about 2-3 days it is already at the half way point. Unfortunately there is no specific battery percentage to let you know how many days or battery life you have left. It is an estimate that can only be seen when you are synced on the app.
  • Water Resistant… not waterproof. I don’t advise swimming or showering with this band on. It states it can withheld rain or sweat which is about as much as I would put it up against.

307885-jawbone-up-fitness-bandJawbone is a company that doesn’t really focus on fitness, health or wellness. They are more of an electronic company with speakers, headphones…etc that have a fitness tracker on the side. I’ve had an Upband for two years so I can speak of all the ins and outs of this fitness tracker in great detail. I started out with the original basic Upband that had several flaws. Jawbone took note of several of those flaws and went on to release the Up24 which I currently have. They have then gone on to release 4 more fitness trackers each better than the last yet still filled with flaws. Before I get ahead of myself let me discuss the basic pros and cons.



  • Sleek, thin, attractive band design compared to other bands on the market. Non intrusive and barely gets in the way of daily activity.
  • Highly interactive app that allows you to monitor your progress, see your friends progress and compete/duel. I also love the motivational tips and fun facts they give.
  • Long battery life. The original Upband lasted about 7 days, the next generation cut down to about 7 (though you usually got more than that). Now my Upband lasts about 12 days before it needs to be charged again.
  • Great customer service. I love companies that put their customers first and thoroughly want to keep them happy. I’ve had to switch out my band about 8 times and each time I was offered a new one with little question.


  • No visual representation of your progress. It seems none of the Upbands have  visual tracking options which is odd as it is one of the only ones on the market that doesn’t offer such a basic function.
  •  Just as beautiful the design of the band is, it is also extremely problematic. Like I stated in the pros, I’ve had about 8 replacement bands. The design is an issue which is why I believe they have such great customer service… because they know how much of an issue the band can be under very regular circumstance. The rubber on the band warps making it impossible to charge and put into sleep tracking mode. The pieces (cap and button) fall off randomly and take away from the beauty of the band. Jawbone then charges you to replace these pieces.
  • Water Resistant not waterproof! I lost my first Upband to water damage. This is how I learned the difference between water resistant and waterproof the long way. I wasn’t swimming with the band but I did shower with it on… big no no.
  • Can only be charged on a computer. Another mistake the cost me a band. The voltage on every other USB electronic (even the cable box) seems to be too much for the band. They recommend only charging it on a computer of some sorts to avoid this problem.

Comparison: I’ve obviously had more experience and time to learn the Upband but after wearing these two bands for about two weeks they both have some things I love and somethings I dislike. In the end I feel that the Upband’s biggest flaw (besides the lack of visual representation directly on the band) is it’s lack of endurance to a mild active life. It can not stand the test of time and must frequently be replaced. (About 2-3 bands a year!). Though I haven’t had to deal with Fitbit’s customer service or any issues with the band as of yet, the reviews have been positive for the most part. I like the size of the Upband because I have a smaller wrist and I am frequently typing/writing, therefore it doesnt get in the way. As to which is most accurate, both of them had varying reads over the past two weeks. Sometimes they were close and other times they were more than 2000 steps apart. Overall I think if you are extremely active you should give the Fitbit a try. If you are less physical and want to give a fitness tracker a try at a cheaper price just to get your feet wet with a bit of motivation, definetly go for the Upband. You can look into purchasing either from Amazon or their respective websites. The Upband on Amazon starts at about 45.00- 150 depending on the model while the Fitbit ranges from 50.00- 250.00.

Have you had any experiences with fitness trackers? If so which one is your fave? Share your thoughts below! You can add me on the Fitbit app: @MjbTheone <— my handle!

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