So we’re ending week two tomorrow of a our 20 week TNT Summer Ready Challenge and Valentine’s Day is today! We’re hoping you have a loving time with your significant other … but we are also hoping that you don’t fall all the way off the tracks on our 20 Week #TNTSummerReady Challenge. Some of you are in the middle of a 21 day detox led by @ItsMe.Shak or preparing for the 40 Day Sugar Free detox with your’s truly (me!) Here’s a few tips & tricks on how to do Valentine’s Day on a detox to help you get through today without completely breaking all your new healthy lifestyle standards for yourself!

How To Do Valentine’s Day On A Detox

1. Request non food gifts: The best way to avoid eating badly on Valentine’s Day is to avoid having the bad stuff in your immediate presence. So instead of the large amounts of candies and chocolates that will send you straight into sugar overload, go the less caloric route. Flowers, jewelry, clothes, books, gift cards… etc. This way you wont immediate temptation around you.

2. What if its too late: If you’ve already received the candy and chocolate you can do one of two things or maybe a little of both. Either put it away in hiding (out of site out of mind) but still showing thanks for the gift. Or you can re-gift/give the sweets to someone else. That is the guiltier option for me as I usually give it to my students, but sometimes you have just have to have the sweets out of the house.

3. Prepare for the day: We’ve offered a shopping list that would help get you through this detox road to a healthier version of yourself. On that list it included loads of delicious nutrient filled options/ snacks for you to have in the house to balance out the not so healthy options that will be making an appearance for the holiday celebration. By giving yourself more healthy options you’ll find yourself less hungry, and without having to search too far to find something to eat that wont make you feel guilty the next day. Your belly will be full making you less likely to want to go after the sweet stuff anyway.

4. Stay active: Take a walk in the park (though my New Yorkers know that outside is not a joke this weekend), go to a museum, cook a special sexy meal, go see a show…etc. All of these things will keep your mind and belly off of the chocolates on the table and more focused on what the day is all about. Spending time doing something you love with someone you love. Even though we haven’t officially started our 40 day Sugar Free Detox… now is the time to start weening yourself off high/large amounts of sugar so you don’t send your body into shock when you go cold turkey. Take the time this weekend to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the long haul (JK… 40 days wont be so bad)!

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day to help stay true to your #TNTSummerReady Challenge commitments? Share your thoughts below!

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