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I’ve been sharing my battle with PCOS for a little over two years now and although it hasn’t gotten better/easier, it has become extremely freeing to share my journey with you. As I write this now I am currently menstruating and to some that may seem like TMI, but to those who suffer with PCOS you know how major that is!  That is always my biggest concern/issue with PCOS. My hormonal imbalance makes my cycle extremely unpredictable, so having children in the future is going to be difficult. With a few slight changes in my diet I have managed to keep most of the known symptoms under control, but I still struggle making the easiest changes of them all.

I’ve heard it many many many times that women who suffer from PCOS need watch their sugar and limit their dairy due to inflammation and hormonal imbalances. While I have changed over to a mostly Vegan diet (I slip up during celebrations/ family & friend gatherings from time to time) it is the sugar that is extremely hard to manage. I’m always looking for ways around it but the reality is there is no way around it. Women who suffer with PCOS need to limit their sugar intake (both good and definitely bad sugars) because of the issues we have with our hormones and insulin resistance.

Currently I am not taking any formal prescribed medication for my PCOS. I stopped taking birth control over a year ago, and refuse to take Metformin. I do however take certain supplements to help with the symptoms that often come along with PCOS (I’m mostly trying to tackle the the menstruation issues). In doing research and looking for several ways to help my condition became pretty much non existent, I was offered the opportunity to read an review the soon to be released book “8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS” by Fiona McCulloch N.D. I was skeptical right from the title of the book. From what I’ve consistently heard PCOS is not a condition you can “cancel or get rid of”. There is no cure, and doctors can’t really seem to wrap their minds around it without recommending formal medications.

8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS Book Review

I was interested to see what Dr Fiona McCulloch was going to recommend that was different than what I already knew. The book has 9 chapters, and 5 appendices that offer recommended diets, recipes, and other resources. Many of the topics caught my attention as they are usually what I focus my thoughts on when battling PCOS. The basic regular concerns: Addressing Inflammation, hormonal imbalances, Insulin Resistance, Fertility and Diet are all covered. Besides that she also goes in depth about treating excess androgens, balancing thyroid, PCOS with menopause, and diseases that may stem from PCOS. There were many topics covered that I knew a lot about, and others that I learned quite a bit. Especially when she goes into discussing types of PCOS, which I had never heard of before.

8 steps to reverse your PCOS

What I Like: I like that this book is extremely detailed in every aspect of the condition. It goes into detail about many things that are often offered on one side of the fence. She mentions formal prescribed medications with their benefits and side effects as well as natural options with benefits and side effects as well. All options are presented clearly on the table and allow for women to make an informed choice in conjunction with their doctor.

What needs some improvement: While the book goes into great detail about the various ins and outs of this complicated condition I feel that it may refer to certain things at a higher level of discussion than most people feel comfortable diving into. Not all areas of the book were easily accessible to all types of readers interacting with it. There shouldn’t be a “dumbed down” version, because the information is important and should be clear. However I think some areas need a bit of work to help the reader understand things in a simpler vernacular.

8 steps to reverse your PCOS

Overall Thoughts:  I think this book is great for women who have just been diagnosed with PCOS, or women who feel they are lost on their journey. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and I only feel that over this past year that I learned the basics of what was going on with my body. This book serves as an excellent guide to bridge the cap between what you know, what you think you know and what your doctor has told you. My gyno never went into detail as to what was happening, and my new gyno now is pushing for birth control and Metformin. Needless to say it is important to get second, and third opinions when dealing with PCOS and this book offers a nice avenue of discussion to be had. You are more aware of what is going on inside your body and how it is causing changes to the outside of your body as well.

If you are looking for a sense of direction when it comes to dealing with PCOS I suggest getting your hands on this book in the near future. It is not available now to the public but will be published in September during PCOS Awareness month!

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3 Responses to 8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS Book Review

  1. I believe that I have has pcos since birth, certain things before puberty leads me to this conclusion. I had never a normal cycle until reached the age of 39 only because I eliminated all grains and all forms of sugar. I pretty much eat paleo now but a very low carb version. I lost over 100 lbs by eating this way and have a normal cycle every month without debilitating PMS. I take no meds only some of the usual supliments. I would say that my PCOS is severe in that I have hirsutism quite severly and other stuff. But diet has made all the difference. .no sugar and no grains.

    • Wow! I agree lifestyle change does make quite the difference. I also take supplements but don’t take any meds and have successfully had four cycles in a row by following a vegan diet. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Hi Melissa from a fellow cyster. I love your review. Its to the point, and I agree with what you said.i read this book, it was an easy read since I have a science background (nursing) but someone without could benefit from less medical terms. But I love how Dr McCullough broke everything down. PCOS is not easy to live with but its amazing to know there are things we can do to have it in control or even reverse it.

    Have a nice day