In my constant search for organic and healthy ways to live I stumbled onto an herb called White Peony. I first heard about this herb when I started consistently using Mielle Organics natural hair products. Whenever I start falling in love with a product I like to know what exactly the ingredients are doing for me and my hair. Research is the best thing to do before you spend those hard earned dollars. I was pleased to find out exactly why White Peony was selected to be the main key player in the White Peony Leave In Conditioner.

 Benefits Of White Peony For Natural Hair And Hair Loss

What Is White Peony?

White Peony (also known as Paeonia or Bai Shao) is an ancient chinese herb that is extremely beneficial in immune health, as well as aiding in hair loss. White Peony acts as a great astringent, antioxidant and also assists with allergies.  But what White Peony is becoming well known for lately is the ability to promote hair growth from the inside out (your scalp will thank you).

The presence of White Peony in your system acts as an anti inflammatory to counteract the issues that hormonal imbalance causes on your scalp. Women who suffer with immune issues  or hormonal imbalance issues especially alopecia or PCOS find that White Peony aids in the hair loss issue that is often ignored or misunderstood.

Why Do I Care About Hair Loss? Well aside from hair loss being a horrible thing that many women experience especially those who suffer with PCOS as I do, White Peony (especially when mixed with Licorice root) also can help in hormonal balance. When too much testosterone is present hair loss occurs, and White peony helps to alleviate that hormonal imbalance.

Benefits of white peony for natural hair and hair loss

Benefits Of White Peony For Natural Hair & Hair Loss:

  • Promotes immune homeostasis which allows for the healthy growth of hair
  • Promoties optimal immune health (the healthier you are, the healthier your hair will feel/grow)
  • Limits production of inflammatory molecules
  • Naturally balances inflammation-suppressing cells and pro-inflammatory cells, that are the main causes of Alopecia Areata and MPB
  • Naturally balances hormones/ lowers testosterone and increases estrogen.

Benefits of white peony for natural hair and hair loss

The only natural hair product I know on the market that includes Organic White Peony in it’s ingredients (and I mean first 5 ingredients mentioned on the bottle) is Mielle Organics White Peony Ultra Moisturzing Leave In Conditioner. Along side the White Peony as the second ingredient (behind water) jojoba oil, green tea, coconut oil, and argan oil are listed in the ingredients as key players for not only hair growth, but healthy hair growth that help support scalp health and allow the White Peony to shine in the product. I highly recommend using the leave in conditioner as a part of your hair regimen especially if you are suffering from hair loss for several health issues. You can get your hands on this leave in conditioner at a discount here by using coupon code TRESSES at checkout. I also recommend considering a White Peony & Licorice supplement to add to your diet to continue to help the process.

As always it is best to speak to your health care provider before you start taking any herbs or self diagnose/treat yourself.

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