In keeping up with natural/holistic care of the Yoni I go from Yoni oil to Yoni eggs? So what on earth is a Yoni Egg?

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Yoni Egg: A Yoni egg is a semi precious gemstone (usually but not always) that is inserted into the yoni to strengthen kegels, increase circulation, and possibly assist with grounding yourself, orgasm and fertility. There are various yoni eggs for various purposes that come in various colors, stones, and sizes.

How is it used: A yoni egg is simply inserted into the vaginal canal and kept in for as long as you like/can handle. Some women keep it in for a few minutes, others keep it in for hours. You want to make sure that you wash/sterilize the Yoni egg before use. The larger the size the easier it is use to as the smaller eggs may be a little more difficult to control once inserted.

Benefits Of Yoni Eggs: Yoni eggs are said to improve physical and spiritual health. While toning, strengthening, and tightening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles (due to the Kegel exercises) you an also avoid vaginal dryness, lower difficulties in childbirth, and a reduction in menstural pains/cramps. Another crucial benefit (though most of them are pretty great) is the increased blood circulation that increases vaginal elasticity. The Yoni Egg pretty much keeps your yoni in tip top shape, prevents aging and keeps things active even as you age.

I personally haven’t had any experience with using the yoni egg but was interested/ introduced to them about a year ago when I stumbled onto them from Ashley’s Naturals. There are Yoni Eggs that are directed to increase power/strength, adventure, healing, sexual energy…etc. What I was most intrigued by was the focused strength you would build doing your Kegel exercises. It does seem as though it can be a bit tricky, with the possibility of your Yoni Egg falling out at the worst possible public time.

I do recommend that you use Yoni eggs at your own discretion and always as with anything else to do your research in regards to the stones yourself before making any purchases.

Has anyone had any experiences with Yoni Eggs before? If so share your thoughts below!

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