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As one of my 28 goals for my 28th year I decided I wanted to become more active in community projects. I felt that I wasn’t doing enough for the people around me as a whole. I wanted to become an active citizen of my community in simple terms. I wasn’t quite sure how I would do this and make it authentic. I didn’t just want to do the regular food drive or clothing drive around the holidays. While yes these types of community support are extremely important and crucial, I felt that because of the large capacity in which they are handled across the board, that I needed to focus my skills, talents and attention onto something else that was lesser known. Something that I felt deserved wide spread attention that I could help bring to the forefront.

As a woman, I’m used to seeing other women and their needs be ignored or brushed off as not important. That is why it is no surprise to me how little has been heard, spread, or is even known about the “Period Projects”. Sounds like a weird name, or at least a name that is odd enough to even make people a bit squeemish, but its worth it so bare with me.

power to the period

Let’s Give Back With The Power to The Period Campaign

The Period projects are a serious of projects that were created by U by Kotex to cultivate change in a world that often over looks the needs of women. As a part of the Period Projects, they created the “Power to the Period” campaign, which is the first- ever national period products drive. This project is the second installment in the Period Projects history so far.

WHY: I know you’re thinking okay,of course a “pad” company would create a project based around periods, that’s what they market for right? Wrong! U by Kotex was inspired by a tweet from Holly Sanchez bringing the attention onto a bleak fact. There are 3.5 million Americans who experience homelessness each year and have limited access to and few places to turn for period products. WTH right? Can you imagine going through your monthly cycle each month never knowing where you wild find any sanitary napkins of  tampons? Going though a period can be difficult enough without the extra worry that comes along with finding simple basic life necessities.

WHAT: Okay pretty horrible I know but what can we do to help? Is this all about money? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And that is why I am in such support of this program and the drive itself. In a partnership with DoSomething.org, U by Kotex didn’t take this ridiculous statistic as a joke. Instead they created the Power to the Period drive that encouraes people to buy and donate an extra pack of period products to a homeless shelter. That’s it. That is all you have to do. They’re not asking for any money or personal donations. Instead they are letting you be in charge of who and where your donation goes to. There is no middle man, just you doing the right thing to help someone else in need.

How To Get Involved:

* Start a Power to the Period donation drive or donate new boxes of period products to a drive in your area from Thursday, July 14 through Friday, September 30.

o Visit UbyKotex.com, DoSomething.org/Period or text PERIOD to 38383 to learn how to get involved.

* The U by Kotex® brand will also make product donations on behalf of DoSomething.org contest winners and participants can sign up for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship*.

* Visit UbyKotex.com to learn more about other Period Projects and to request a U by Kotex® product sample. Join the online conversation with #PeriodProjects.

*Donate unopened packages of period products (pads, panty liners, etc.), as opposed to individually wrapped items. It’s more hygienic, and it’s important that people see the instructions on the package.

Get involved in a cause you believe in… and this one is mine!