FTC: This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I don’t know about you, but I know that I for one would love for someone to point me in the direction of the “opt out” button when it comes to adulting. However, since my search has not been fruitful, I am stuck completing a daily balancing act of adult responsibilities. This often makes me stress which leads to a sweaty back, and beyond. When you add in a busy month like February, it’s almost unbearable.

When I turned 30 this summer (I know… I still can’t believe it and I’m struggling to come to grips with it) I knew that I would finally be taking a huge financial leap at the end of the year. I would be paying off my student loan debts… how very responsible of me. And to celebrate what do I do… I went off and bought my first house. 
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That’s right, ya girl is a full time NYC high school teacher in the middle of the school year, and currently in the middle of purchasing my first home. And let me tell you… it is no joke. There are about 17 hours that I can fundamentally get all my adulting done in the day before I have to go to sleep. These 17 hours are used diligently to run around between teaching, lesson planning, tutoring, blogging, hitting the gym, and finalizing my first home purchase. WHEW talk about exhausting. 

With this home purchase right, on top of standard adulting, my normal routines are thrown all out of whack and my stress levels are through the roof.  Trying to get all my contracts signed, my students’ tests graded, , and catching hot end of season sales is time consuming. My time is limited and I most certainly can’t afford to be smelly while running from place to place. That’s an absolute non-negotiable.

summer's eve

My grab-and-go lifestyle requires products that can be used during various life moments. That’s where the Summer’s Eve®Cleansing Wash and Cleansing Cloths come in super handy for my day to day. Both the cleansing wash and cleansing wipes are balanced to a woman’s natural pH to work with the body. The cloths have clinically-tested Safe Scents™ ,are free from dyes and parabens, and wipe away odor-causing bacteria. This means freshness whether I’m in a crowded mall or doing squats at the gym.

Whether it’s a meeting with my lawyer scheduled right after work, or heading to a gym workout in between parent teacher conferences (yes… I have done this) I am able to worry about one less thing. With the help of both of these formulated products my body stays fresh 24/7 providing me with confidence even when I may just want to crawl into bed and nap for six hours. 

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After the gym, the cleansing wash is my go-to choice when looking for a gentle wash that caters to my most sensitive areas. Summer’s Eve® provides 5-in-1™ freshness to remove odor causing bacteria.  It is balanced to a woman’s natural pH, free from dyes and parabens, and features clinically-tested Safe Scents™. I don’t know about you guys, but I know first-hand that when I get stressed my external vaginal pH goes all out of whack making me more stressed. Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash is balanced to a woman’s natural pH.

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My faves are the Cleansing Cloths because I can throw them in my giant purse and or bookbag (depending on how hectic my day is going to be). They provide an easy way for me to stay fresh while remaining discreet. I can slide them into my pocket without feeling embarrassed, and I never have to worry about any residue left behind. Both the Cleansing Cloths and the Cleansing Wash are soap-free.

Hectic lives are a natural part of adulting, but you don’t have to do so with odor. If you’re looking to make this season just a little less stressful my go to recommendation are the Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths.  You can find Summer’s Eve® in most of your local drug stores or online at Summer’s Eve®.

Until the next time,