Happy New Year loves! I could come on here and tell you all about the goals and vows I’ve set for myself and Trials N’ Tresses in 2018… but I won’t waste your time or mine. Instead what I will share, is that I’m going to be focusing/shifting more onto lifestyle posts that go further into who I am as a person and enjoy talking about. Not that I’m completely leaving hair talk behind, mores offering a holistic view of what I love.


My Morning Routine For PCOS
PCOS Update: Being Vegan With PCOS
PCOS Update: Pills, Pregnancy, and Periods

battle PCOS

This means more fitness chats, student loan talk, and women’s health discussions. Starting off with my “annual” (but I’ll try to make it more than annual) PCOS update. In the past I’ve shared my morning routine with PCOS,  my diet/ or lack thereof and how it has affected my PCOS, as well as my battles with menstruation.

This year I’ve cultivated 5 things you really need to actively and efficiently battle PCOS. I cultivated this list with 10 years of experience (I can’t believe I was diagnosed TEN years ago), with all of the ups and downs I’ve had with PCOS. I hope this list is helpful for those that have just been diagnosed with PCOS recently, or have been dealing/coping or battling PCOS for a while as well. Please also feel free to share your tips on things you have to done to battle PCOS below .


5 Things You Need To Battle PCOS