Ohh a touchy touch subject when it comes to women, their sexuality, their health and anything else women centered. But… I’m going to do it anyway! I recently stumbled upon (or better yet was recommended and given one by a friend) Yoni Oil. So what exactly is it and why the heck am I taking time out to write about it? Because I like to share duh!

What is Yoni Oil?

Before I get into what yoni oil is exactly, let me explain what is a Yoni. A Yoni is the sanskrit term for vagina. (gasp… I said Vagina!) Yoni is also used to describe a divine passage, womb, or sacred temple. These descriptions all sound like proper descriptions of a vagina to me. Now Yoni Oil is a mix or blend of usually essential oils that serve several beneficial purposes for our lovely lady down stairs.

Yoni Oil Benefits

Using Yoni oil has several benefits especially as you age and things start to go awry. Some describe it as an extra step to make sure your yoni is in tip top shape, while others describe it as a healing and preventative step that can have several benefits. Lets take a look at the ingredients on the Yoni Oil I currently have before we discuss the benefits. The Yoni Oil that I have is from Goddess Body though there are several other brands/companies that also sell their own blend/mix as well. Another well known brand that has an interesting mix is Ashley’s Naturals. For review/discussion purposes I’ll stick to discussing the Goddess Body brand since that is the only one I know.

I was a little hesitant to use this, as most women usually are when it comes to things in the close vicinity of their vagina. This yoni oil contains the following ingredients:

Ingredients: Virgin Oils of Olive, Coconut, Neem, Tea tree, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemongrass, Sage, feminine botanicals, & essential oils. 

The bottle I currently have also states Apple Cider Vinegar as the last ingredient, though the website does not have that listed as an ingredient. This blend of oils, herbs and the ACV comes together to help restore feminine balance that can often be thrown off track simply by our diets. I know I had several issues last year with Bacterial Vaginosis that was resolved quickly with a change in my diet, and a Probiotic. Now with this extra added Yoni Oil I must say I do feel a bit invincible (HAHA!) Besides providing balance this Yoni Oil also serves as a antibacterial and anti fungal, which means it comes in handy to help fight off or prevent several common feminine issues such as yeast infections , bacterial infections…etc.

This particular brand of Yoni Oil is to be used externally but can be inserted into the vagina in small doses (think 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) Be careful when choosing your own Yoni Oil as different brands have different blends/mixes that can do different things and cause you to react differently. For example there is a brand of Yoni Oil that is out there that is TERRIBLE and absolutely NOT recommended for women who have PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids…etc. So do your homework before you dive into the world of Yoni Oil in order to reap the benefits that may actually turn around and harm you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This Yoni oil is a new addition to my maintenance but it is one that is very intriguing. The oil itself has a earthy scent that isn’t overbearing but is quite fascinating to try to explain/figure out. It does offer a cool refreshing feeling… again not unbearable just a reminder that it is there and working. I’m always interested in natural was to help heal and solve issues in life especially when related to health or women’s health.

Do you think you would try Yoni Oil? If you’ve have already tried it what led you to that experience and do you like it?

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16 Responses to What Is Yoni Oil & What Are Its Benefits?

  1. Hi there! I struggle all the time with reoccurring BV! What did you change in your diet to help you? And did this yoni oil help keep you balanced?

    • Hi love. I used Fem Dophilus after I took anti biopics. I lowered my sugar intake mostly. The oil I just started using this year so I’m not too sure if it has helped with keeping me balanced but I will keep you updated!

  2. I have used Ashley’s Naturals and I absolutely love it! The smell caught me off guard and a friend of mine described it as “the smells of Thanksgiving”, but I think it smells nice. I’ve used it for a while now and I’d like to think it is helping keep me balanced but I must admit that in the past I’ve never really had any issues with yoni health. I must say that Ashley’s Natural Queens Oil as a lubricant is amazing. I would like to Goddess Body’s yoni oil as well as I’ve seen quite a few reviews saying such good things.

  3. My daughter in law turned me on to this oil. I’m trying to order a bottle. Thanks for the read, it was interesting.. please advise on ordering. Thanks

  4. You mention a “brand of Yoni Oil that is out there that is TERRIBLE and absolutely NOT recommended for women who have PCOS […]” Do you know which one? I have PCOS so I’d hate to use one that is actually working against me! 🙁 Thanks.

    • Did you ever find out which brand it was. I understand not wanting to blast that brand, so I’m willing to share my email to be in the know.