At the beginning of 2015 I made a conscious decision and effort to get back into shape and stay in shape for more than a month. It has been quite a difficult road with many ups and downs (especially because my love for food has dramatically grown), but I’ve managed to stay focused about 85 percent of the time. And now that I’m heading to vacation in just 24 hours (yes yes I am thrilled) I’m a bit nervous as to how I’m going to workout while on vacation. Many are saying why not just enjoy the vacation and deal with the repercussions later? I too have thought the same thing but instead I’m going to give it my best effort to follow the steps I’ve laid out for you below on how I can fit in some authentic practically workouts while on vacation.

1 Day To La: How To Workout While On Vacation

1. Walk instead of taking a cab: When on vacation you want to capitalize on time so obviously grabbing a cab to get to your final destination is always a first choice. Instead plan out your trip and schedule in some time for a walk. You’ll burn off calories from all the good food you’re probably going to be eating and enjoy more of the sights.

2.  Go For A Run: If you’re a runner like me nothing can be more exhilarating and ultimately terrifying than running in a new location. Going for a quick morning or night time run, not only doesnt interfere with your schedule for the day but also gives you an opportunity to see the local sights around you. I’m currently trying to map my runs for when I’m in LA and I’m open to any ideas you guys may have !

3. Rent A bike/ kayak/surf… Do something active and fun that will get the heart beating. Rent a bike, go kayak, surf, mountain climb, hike…etc. I’ll be taking a hike up to the Hollywood sign while on my trip to LA, and when I head to Arizona the following month I’ll be heading straight to the Grand Canyon. In doing your research for vacation, and planning all your fun time events make sure to schedule in a few active activities so you don’t feel super guilty for ALL the good food you’ll be eating (you can tell what I’ll be posting/blogging about most when I get to LA can’t you)

4. Take A swim: I’m not a big swimmer truthfully because I can’t swim (I know I know I’m ashamed of this) but swimming which is a huge vacation pastime can be a great workout. So dive into that pool and do a few laps to get a great full body workout.

5. Vacation Workouts: I’ve been meaning to add more HIIT and interval training into my workouts that are pretty much strictly cardio at this point. In case you can’t get a run in, or go for walk or do anything super active there’s always a workout in the hotel room or hotel gym (if there is one). I’ve been looking into two vacation workouts particularly that I’ve scoped out on Instagram.

The first is the “Summer slim Down” by Ariel of GymHooky. I’ve been following along with her workouts for a few months now and she is all about having fun while working out. You can catch her free workouts weekly if you are in the New York area. Warning: Though her workouts are epically fun… they are intense and you will work up a sweat.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.30.59 PM


The second workout I’m dabbling in is from FemmeFitaleFitClub Also very intense but doable in a small space or a hotel room before you head into the shower to prepare for your days’ excursions. Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.30.34 PM

With everything you should speak to your physician first before you join any fitness program are start intensely working out. I’ll keep you updated/posted as to whether or not my vacation workouts were truly a success.

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