We’ve discussed the importance of pre-pooing before cleansing in your natural hair regimen and I’ve shared some of my favorite pre-poo recipes as well but this time around I’m giving you 10 essential/ carrier oils that you can simply infuse into your pre-poo treatments that will be beneficial for growth, length retention, and maximizing on scalp health. Pre-poos are also great for cutting out frizziness, increasing manageability and softness all while giving you a healthy beautiful shine. So what’s not to love about the pre-poo step? It doesn’t have to be too cumbersome of a task all it requires is 20 minutes, a go to DIY recipe and BAM there you have it. So if you’re still lost/ confused about what type of pre-poo works best for you, or what you should include here are 10 of the best oils for your pre poo treatments.

1.Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a heavy oil that is an extreme benefit to the hair as it is filled with fatty acids that are capable of coating the shaft of the hair. This means you can use this oil as a sealant after applying your moisturizer of choice. Best of oil this oil is very easy to find and usually fairly inexpensive depending on the brand. You can find extra virgin olive oil in your local supermarket or it can be purchased online.

best oils for your pre poo2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an oil that is able to penetrate the shaft of the hair, and helps reduce frizz while adding shine. When used as a pre-poo you are helping to prevent damage to the hair, as well as moisturizing, thickening, and reducing dandruff on the scalp.

3. Argan Oil is a key moisturizer that makes the hair soft and shiny. This oil is your best bet if you are looking to tackle frizziness especially in humid conditions.

best oils for your pre poo4. Jojoba Oil This oil most closely matches the natural sebum in your hair/scalp. This oil is also chalk full of fatty acids and vitamins such as A, E, B1, B2, and B6 which help to strengthen the hair. Jojoba is the best oil to use for handling issues with dandruff and dry scalp because of the gentle balance that occurs when used on the scalp.

best oils for your pre poo5. Almond Oil: My all time new favorite oil to use. I’ve been ranting/raving and gushing about my new found love for this oil. Almond oil (sweet almond oil) is a very dense oil however it is not as thick as the next oil up for discussion (castor oil). Almond oil is also great for sealing your hair because of its thickness. Because it is made up of saturated and mono saturated fats it is best used to alleviate dry hair. I’ve been using it to massage my scalp (and the smell is divine) while I have my Marley twists in and my scalp feels so fresh/rejuvenated. My fave almond oil brand right now comes from Mielle Organics. You can get your hands on their almond oil at a discounted price by using code: TRESSES

best oils for your pre poo6. Jamaican Black Castor Oil A fan favorite in the natural hair community. Castor oil (JBCO) is a super thick/dense oil that is best used for sealing as well as scalp massages to promote growth/ regrowth of thin or damaged hair. It improves scalp circulation which helps to regenerate the hair follicles that have been lost. The thickness helps seal ends very well which leads to less breakgage/damage and those annoying/pesky split ends.

best oils for your pre poo7. Avocado Oil I haven’t tried this oil yet but it is on my LIST! I use avocado in my pre-poos consistently so its only right/easiser that I try simply the oil that stems from the avocado and avoid the mess of the actual avocado itself. Avocado oil is much lighter than the previous two oils mentioned, but is a major heavyweight in the oil game. Filled with vitamins and minerals this oil is a great protectant for your tresses.

8. Amla Oil: This oil is a lesser known/ less popular oil in the natural hair community but packs a powerful punch. This oil is great for dandruff issues, adds shine to the hair while also improving hair growth. The strangest reports I’ve heard about this oil is that it is technically an infusion blend of oils (usually coconut so you can’t be too mad), prevents grey hair, and that it has the ability to darken your hair with long term use.  If you are struggling with any of these issues amla oil may be your best bet!

best oils for your pre poo9. Grape Seed Oil: I recently started hearing more and more about grape seed oil being used as a heat protectant and an oil used to deal with heat damaged hair. It is one of the lighter oils mentioned in the group and is most similar to the more popular jojoba oil. Because this oil is filled with Vitamin E it is most certainly a protoectant and strengthener for the hair. It’s smoke point is also extrently high which is why many naturals boast of using it as a protectant. I on the other hand still feel you should add some protectant to the grape seed oil mixture before using heat on your hair just for safety purposes. Always better to be safe than sorry.

best oils for your pre poo10. Safflower Oil: Another lesser known oil that can work wonders in your pre-poo is safflower oil that is made up of Omega 6 fatty acids. If it is good enough for us internally it must also work wonders on our hair as well right? Safflower oil is a great conditioner therefore will be a great addition to your pre-poo mix. It can even serve alone as the only oil used in the pre-poo step of your regimen. This oil will help prevent breakage while simultaneously making the hair softer and more manageable for detangling.

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Do you use any of these oils in your pre-poo or any other oils that we missed out on? Share with us in the comment box below!

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