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When I started transitioning to natural hair life, it used to take me hours of Youtube video watching and even more hours of practicing/ failing. Wash day was really an all day process that kept me indoors for the better part of the day. And forget about last minute impromptu plans… those were OUT! Now… three years into the future of my hair care journey I can do any thing and everything I want with my hair. It is a part of me and doesn’t hold me back from doing anything. Why is that?  The longer you have been a naturalista, the more tips and tricks you have up your sleeve to use at your discretion. That is why I’m sharing all the info I’ve got to make your natural hair care routine that much easier. Here are 10 natural hair hacks you should now to make your natural hair journey a breeze!

10 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know

1. Use T-Shirts Instead Of Towels: To make sure you are keeping the moisture in your hair that you fought so hard to lock in, make sure you use a t-shirt instead of a towel. Using a towel negates the moisture you’ve just added and no one wants to work in vain. Instead use an old t-shirt and be fabulously moisturized for days.

2. Use Perm Rods: If you find that your ends look scraggly or weird after you do a bomb twist out, add perm rods to the ends of your twists to have a nice rounded curl at the end. Try using perm rods of different sizes to add some dimension to your twist out as well.

3. Hair Pins To Stretch Twists: I find that two strand twists or flat twists alone don’t give my hair enough stretch, so to elongate the appearance of my length I add hair pins to the twists to stretch my hair even further. By pinning the twists down to your scalp you are helping the hair dry in a stretched state without putting heat or too much tension on the hair follicle itself.

4. Add Product At 50-70 % Dry: When you are in a rush especially adding product and styling your hair when it is soaking wet is a big waste of time. It is also when your hair is its most fragile state, so you would be doing more harm than good. Instead wait until your hair is 50-70% dry before adding product and styling. This will cut down on your full dry time. When you style and add product to your hair when wet it takes way longer for it to dry, therefore keeping you indoors longer! Its summer… no one has time for that!

5. Cold Water To Close Cuticles: This tip is especially helpful if you have high porosity hair. When your cuticles stay open it is easy for moisture to get in, but it is also just as easy for moisture to escape therefore leaving your hair crunch and dry. You want to make sure to use cold/cool water to rinse your hair in order to close the cuticle and maintain the level of moisture that will keep your hair looking fabulous.

6. Plastic Grocery Bag For Deep Conditioning:  You should be deep conditioning on a weekly basis and I know those plastic caps can sometimes disappear from sight (very much like scrunches and hair pins). However if you’re like most people… you’ve got a stash of plastic bags in your home! If you ever find yourself missing a plastic shower cap for deep conditioning purposes, you can use a plastic grocery bag to get the job done.

7. ACV Rinse: Apple cider vinegar can be used for many things but when used as a rinse it will also help close the cuticles and remove any debris left on the scalp. ACV also helps with dandruff/ eczema on the scalp and will increase elasticity/ shine on the hair. You should always have ACV in the home!

8. Wash + Rinse Your Hair In Sections: Sectioning off your hair for all purposes is a good idea. Whether it be for styling, detangling, and even washing and rinsing. It will simplify the process and making it easier to detangle. Once you wash a section detangle it and place it back into a two strand twist or bantu knot before moving on into the next section.

9. Detangle Your Hair From End To Root: I’m not sure where the idea of detangling from root to end came from but obviously it was started by someone who likes to be bald or make things extra difficult. It is best practice and most beneficial to your hair to detangle from the bottom up. Using a wide tooth come gently start from the ends and work your way to the roots. This will result in less damage and hair loss.

10. Steam Your Hair: I have been bragging about the benefits of steaming your hair for almost two years now. This isn’t so much as a hack, but as an inside scoop secret that isn’t a secret! Steaming your hair enhances your curl pattern, increases moisture retention and strengthens your hair as well. You don’t need to buy a big fancy hair steamer, you can use the natural affects of the shower. But if you do decide to purchase a steamer, I fully recommend the Q-Redew hair steamer. It is my favorite, super convenient and can be used for several different things besides simply steaming your hair as well.

Which natural hair hack will you be adding to your natural hair care routine to make your natural hair care regimen easier? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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5 Responses to 10 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know

  1. I actually detangle from roots to ends and my hair is bra strap length. The reason I do this is because the roots is where I get most of my tangles. It’s effective and I don’t get breakage but I also don’t use a combine. I’m a strict finger detangled and also make sure to use lots of conditioner coupled with oil.

    Not saying this Weill work for all. I think the tightness of ones curl pattern should also be considered.

  2. 2,4,7,8 and 10 are the hacks I will begin using. #8 is the best. I wash, detangled and will style my hair in sections today and it is easier. Thank you for the tips.